The Miracle of the Method:

SCRIPTURES:   Romans 11:33; Isaiah 55:8-9; 1 Cor 1:26-29; Romans 8:28

BOTTOM LINE:  God’s METHODS are not Our METHODS … but all throughout History, God has chosen to use ordinary people thru whom to do extraordinary things.

QUESTION:  Do You Ever Find Yourself Not Understanding Why God Allows Something to Happen in Your Life?

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Have you ever asked someone How does he/she do that?  Or … How do you do that?  And the answer is some crazy, ridiculous explanation … and to be completely honest, we’re like, Ok, yeah, whatever … there’s no way!

That’s kind of how it is when we’re trying to describe the METHOD that God used to send His Son to bring His Message to us isn’t it?

Here’s 3 things about the METHOD God used to bring us His Message … [and they’re already in the APP if you want to check that out as well]


Part of the Miracle of CHRISTmas IS the METHOD God chose … God’s Methods are just flat out often way beyond our ability to understand aren’t they?

I love what Paul says in Romans 11:33 … “33 Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God!  How unsearchable His judgments and untraceable His ways!”

The bottom line is simple … God’s Methods are different than Our Methods aren’t they?



It’s interesting to me how God chose to make this GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT to a bunch of simple Shepherds … fulfilling their responsibilities to care for their flocks …

God’s METHODS often include people just like us … everyday, common, ordinary people … thru whom, God is doing something powerful in us … and that overflows into amazing acts of Love, Compassion, and Sharing God’s Message to those around us …



Although God’s METHODS are more than we can often uderstand and we can be ok w/ that … there are many things about the work of God and the Method of God we’ll never fully understand …


And even when we can can wrap our hearts and minds around the idea that as crazy as it sounds … God’s entrusting the Gospel Message to us … and He’s looking for our availability to be His Messenger … even though that is really hard for us to believe sometimes … maybe we can settle on that’s just how God’s choosing to do it …


Often times we can miss the last picture of God’s work in US along the way … and the big word we use for that in the “Church-World” is called Sanctification

Just like many of us … if we were the author and we were writing the story of God’s redemption of the world, many of us would have written the script differently … my guess if we were writing the process of Sanctification … many of us would have written that differently as well.

Sanctification by definition is the act or process of being made or becoming holy.



The Miracle of the METHOD of CHRISTmas … is that God in His Sovereignty would develop a plan that places the responsibility of the Good News on our shoulders. YOU & ME … wow … why?  Who knows, right?  I mean I wouldn’t have writen the book that way, but God chose to.

God is at work in our lives to produce this beautiful tapestry … and from our perspecitve many times … it seems as though we’re looking at the back of the embroidery doesn’t it?

The front reveals this beautiful picture … but looking at it from th back seems so ugly … and confusing … and it’s impossible to understand all the different knots and colors … and all the random directions our lives have taken right?

Or sometimes … at least for me … it looks like this …


One day … we will all be able to see from the front of the tapestry what God has been weaving in us … the picture will turn over one day … and the light will come on and we’ll be able to see now what we couldn’t see then … how the season of Pain and Hurt brought some Rich and Vibrant colors to the work God created.

We’ll see the Fullness and Richness of the design reflected in so many seasons of victory and celebration too … We’ll see the depth of character revealed through the times of Testing and Trusting …

And we have to continue to take 1 step of Faith at a time, trusting that God is at work:  In-Us … Through-Us … and the Methods He choose are often different than the Methods we would choose … but we rest in knowing He is creating His Work …

We rest in His Truth and His Word and His Promises … even when we don’t understand how He’s working in the moment …

Remember …

–       God’s Methods TRANSCEND our ability to understand often times

–       God’s Method though is to use US … Ordinary people thru whom He is doing extraordinary work … and the message of the Gospel is resting in you and I navigating this process and overflowing into this world as God’s Hands and Feet

And the result of His Work in us … what we call Sanctification results in you and I looking more and more like Him each day.

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