SCRIPTURES:   1 Timothy 4:6-16

BOTTOM LINE:  Paul gives instruction to Timothy:  ReMember; ReFine; ReFlect; ReCall.

QUESTION:  Does our life present a picture of the Word and a Relationship w/ God?

DOWNLOAD:    Many times in Scriptures we discover this idea of repeated Warnings or Communication don’t we?  I’m not sure if it was just something that stood out to so many folks that as each one sat down to pen their story, they just had to share … or if God knew we’d often be so hard-headed we’d need to hear it multiple times over and over … or a combination of both …

… but one of the things we know to be true is that it takes repetition in our lives for many things to become a habit … and even more repetition for things to become instinct … where we just don’t even have to think about them … And that’s what we found again this week in 1 Timothy 4:6-16

#1 REMEMBER … we must 1st REMEMBER what we have been taught!  And I get it … we’re kind of like DUH … in some sense on this one … but truth is … one of the greatest measurements of our progress is our demonstration of what we can REMEMBER … (vs. 6)

#2 REFINE … to REFINE what we believe … think about how many different facts and figures we’ve learned throughout our lifetime … and the same is true w/ what we’ve learned and discovered about our journey w/ God … and you and I are responsible for determining all these various things that we hear about and read about and learn from teachers about and pray about … all this stuff … and we REFINE it and paring it down to make sure we are only left w/ TRUTH … (vs. 7-11)

#3 REFLECT … this is that process where we look back, and REFLECT on what we claim to profess and believe in … and as brutal as it is … there are some things that we believe in and hold dear to us … and they’re just crazy to be honest … and many times, we don’t even know why we believe in them … (vs. 12-15)

#4 RECALL … we RECALL the reason for the journey … if we’re not careful, we lose sight of why we’re in this journey w/ God to begin with … even in church life … I have to remind myself often that we’re not called to make Church Goers … we’re called to make Disciples … (vs. 16)

APPLICATION:   And Paul actually dialed into some specific areas:

 … In Speech – what we’re teaching to others … make sure our doctrine is in alignment w/ God’s Word, period!    If what we’re teaching isn’t from God’s Word … then it’s from our Flesh … and our Flesh doesn’t have the power to transform lives!

… In Conduct – hello … does our conduct look any different than those who have no relationship w/ God at all?  What we say?  The jokes we tell?  The movies we go to?  How we treat or talk about our spouse or children … you name it … again, it should literally be sharing the message of Jesus!

… In Love – believe it or not … we are called to Love others, the way God loves us … and can we even fathom the kind of love it takes to send our perfect Son into this world, to suffer a brutal death that we should have suffered to be honest?

Lot’s of us can say we are willing to Love God … but if that’s true … the overflow is a radical Love for others … even those who may not deserve our love … even those who may not love in return …

And let me just say here … this is hard sometimes!  We may think, There’s no way I can show Love to them.  And that’s ok … and maybe we can’t … but the Jesus in us can!  So we take 1 step of Faith in a direction of Loving them thru Jesus in us!

… In Faith – when you really dive into what Paul was talking about here … the best we can tell, he’s referring in many ways about the attitude from which we do the things we do … what’s our motivation?  What’s the driving force behind why we do what we do?

… and … In Purity – man … Paul … do you have to set the bar so high?  I mean … first of all, everything I say … then in everything I do … then You want me to somehow Love everyone thru You … You want my heart and motives to always be an example of the right attitude and motives …

… and now … I got this unreal standard of a life in PURITY too?  And again … he’s talking about so much more than a life of Purity in the physical sense … Paul’s calling for PURITY in every single one of these areas of our lives …

… and if someone wants to challenge something in our lives, Paul says our lives should already be giving witness to a life In-Christ, as it aligns w/ God’s Word in what we say, what we do, how we do, why we do, etc…



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