SCRIPTURES:   Acts 6:1-7; 1 Cor 15:58; John 12:1-11

BOTTOM LINE:  Get in the Game!  Discover how God’s Power is Engaged through Servant Leadership.

QUESTION:  Are we more like:  Mary, Martha, Lazarus, or Judas?

DOWNLOAD:    There’s a really interesting look at this idea here in Acts 6, as we check out this picture of The Church … the people … addressing not only a problem that they were experiencing w/in their community but how they got together, developed a solution, and everyone fulfilled their responsibility too …

1.  Find Your Position.

2.  Be Grateful and Thankful for our HCC Family.


APPLICATION:    John 12:1-11 … and I love the way Max Lucado unpacks this story in his book Your Place at God’s Table … and both John and Max share about the lives of Mary, Martha and Lazarus … all 3 of them truly Loved Jesus & they loved one another and all 3 of them wanted to serve Jesus.  But they all had completely different seats and as a result, served Jesus in very different ways.

–       MARTHA was a tireless servant

–       MARY was a total worshiper

–       And LAZARUS had a powerful testimony

They were as close to FAMILY to Jesus as He had at this point in His ministry … Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead, and as a result, they had decided to have a dinner party to honor Jesus right?  What was really neat here, was they didn’t try to outdo each other … all 3 worked together for 1 purpose.

MARTHA served … she made sure all the pieces were in place so the entire evening was success.

MARY worshipped …she anointed the Lord’s feet w/ an extravagant gift, and the aroma actually filled the entire room.

And LAZARUS … he had a pretty powerful story to tell didn’t he?  And he was ready to share it …


Mary, Martha & Lazarus all found their place of service and ministry … but there was 4th character in the story … Judas … and athough Judas has spent more time w/ Jesus than either of the other 3, Judas was only in it for what he could get out of it.

When Mary poured the perfume on Jesus, he acted all “Hyper-Spiritual” … “this could have been sold and the money given to the poor.”  Truth is … Judas didn’t care about the poor.  Judas was the accountant for the Disciples and ultimately was actually discovered that he was taking money for himself.  Judas was in it for HIM … Period …

–       Like MARTHA, we need to TAKE time to serve.

–       Like MARY, we need to TAKE time to worship.

–       And like LAZARUS, we need to TAKE time to share w/ others what God’s doing in our lives.

But there are those in our culture … and yes even in churches … who are sort of like Judas … where it’s all Take, Take, Take, and never GIVING … never giving of our Time, Energy, Talents, Resources for the sake of the MISSION of God and the benefit of those around us …



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