SCRIPTURES:   Matthew 26:6-13

BOTTOM LINE:  Our Worship and Adoration for God should be: Unrestrained; Impractical; Unreproachable; and Unsurpassed.

QUESTION:  What is in the way of our intimate expression of Adoration of God today?  


Have you every had a time in your life when something took your breath away? (wedding day, childbirth, etc…)  How about w/ God?  Have you ever had an encounter or experience w/ God when His presence in your life was so evident it literally took your breath away?

Mary shares 4 amazing attributes of the Urgency in our Worship and Adoration of God in this story.

1.  Urgent Adoration for God is UNRESTRAINED.

2.  Urgent Adoration for God is IMPRACTICAL.

3.  Urgent Adoration for God is UNREPROACHABLE.

4.  Urgent Adoration for God is UNSURPASSED.



Mary didn’t wait for some other moment.  She shared w/ Jesus the most valuable possession she had … and she wasn’t worried about what anyone would think.

How is our expression of ADORATION to God?

I read this week in a blog by Bob Goff, “I used to be afraid at failing at things that really mattered to me.  But now, I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t really matter.”

Would you maybe ask the question … would others honestly view my expression of Love and Adoration and Worship of God as:

  1. Unrestrained – I’m not worried what others think, I’m worshipping Jesus?
  2. Impractical – yeah, so maybe it the cost seems high?
  3. Irreproachable
  4. Unsurpassed – leaving a legacy long after we’re gone


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