TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Acts 6:1-5

BOTTOM LINE:  God has called us to PRAY TOGETHER in order that His Kingdom Might Increase Exponentially!

QUESTION:  When Was the Last Time You Gathered w/ a Group of Believers and PRAYED Together?



Why dive into this specifically for the next few weeks in PRAYER … and specifically today, this idea of Corporate Prayer w/ the Church Praying together?

  1. Corporate Prayer is really elevated to an equal platform w/ Preaching & Teaching as a priority in a healthy church.
  2. Praying Together is essential to opening God’s Presence and His Work among His People in unique ways.
  3. There’s a tendency among Believers … sometimes even w/in the life of those in Leadership in the Church … to think that Praying together is sort of an Extra-Curricular Activity in the life of the Church.

And the reason we’re going to discover … is so that His mighty workings increase exponentially and His purposes are accelerated … that’s what happens when we PRAY TOGETHER.


  1. Praying Together was a Priority for the Apostles. The Example of the Apostles in Acts points to the Priority that Praying Together held for Them!
  2. Praying Together was Modeled and Practiced by Jesus.The Apostles learned their Leadership Rhythm’s from the Master, Jesus.  If we really study the Gospel writings for Jesus’ teaching and Practice of Prayer, we discover 37 verses.  [Sometimes repeated in more than 1 Gospel writing]Of those 37 verses, where Jesus refers to Prayer, 33 of them were addressed to a Group or Crowd, rather than to a single person audience.  In other words, Jesus’ instructions clearly leaned toward praying w/ Others too … not just praying in Private.
  3. Praying Together in the New Testament.  The Letter of Actsrecord the mighty works of God for and through His Church in its early years … and clearly connect them to unified … corporate Prayer!
  4. Corporate Prayer In History.  There are so many examples in history of how Corporate Prayer was the springboard for a sweeping movement of the Gospel.
  5. Praying Together & God’s Work in the World Today.Right now, it’s estimated that the Gospel is sweeping the Globe at a rate that honestly … is un-imaginable!



I wonder, will we Personal allow God the Space to move us another step towards Him in this particular area of our life?

I get it.  It’s kind of scary for many when it comes to this arena of Prayer,  much less to think about Praying Together w/ Other People!

Perhaps for some of us,  the starting place is in our Personal Prayer Time  where we’re seriously and strategically and openly saying … Ok God … I need You to Help Me in this area!

  • I’m not comfortable
  • I’m nervous
  • I don’t know what to say
  • You might pair me up w/ Kevin, and Lawd knows he’s the best prayer … you name it …


And when we REALLY begin to PRAY about this together … some really incredible things happen:

  1. It can undermine the Sin & Pride in our lives!
  2. Sometimes the most valuable thing we can do for a person is PRAY for them.
  3. When we Pray, something Always happens!
  4. When we Pray, We offer Sacrifice to God.
  5. When we Pray for others, we acknowledge the reality that God is responsible for their Soul, and He’s so gracious to allow us to contribute at times.


Let me say this as we close .. PRAYING TOGETHER is so important … and HOW we Pray is so much less important than THAT we Pray … and it’s the most important activity in our Mission.

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