TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES:  Galatians 3:1-25

BOTTOM LINE:  Just as our initial experience w/ God is an extension of His Grace for us, we continue to draw upon that same source of Grace through God’s Holy Spirit in our lives as we Grow and learn to Rest In-Him in a journey of Abundant Life.

QUESTION:  Have you been set free from the Law of Religion?  All the Do’s and Don’t’s?  Are you finding youself living more FOR God than FROM Him?  Life after the Salvation experience is a continued indwelling of God’s Grace that serves as our Catalyst for Growth.  So How Do We Grow From God’s Grace in our lives?

DOWNLOAD:  Have you ever taken a piece of meat off the grill, wrapped it in foil and placed it in a cooler to “REST?”  What happens in the cooler is that meat continues to cook.  It continues to reach it’s optimal temperature so that it can be at it’s best But the Resting Process also allows all the juices to settle inside the meat  before you cut it.

This is a fantastic picture of what happens in our life after Salvation.  Our Salvation experience is our initial encounter w/ God, where we recognize our need for provision for the Sin in our lives, and recieve by the Grace of God, His Son, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection on our behalf.  That’s the starting point … so what happens next?

Paul has said over and over … Salvation is by Grace and Grace Alone!

But it’s also by that same GRACE that we experience GROWTH daily.  Paul shared w/ the Galatians that they could work and work and work and work and work … and it would NEVER be good enough.  So much so, that I’ve had some folks say to me, Ken, then why should I bother?  I just want to Give Up!

So … if we recieve Salvation by GRACE, and we Grow by GRACE, How is it that we grow?


  1. We GROW by Grace, through FAITH, you receive Blessings. (3:6-14)
  2. We GROW by Grace, through FAITH, we are Free from the Law.  (3:15-20; 23-25)
  3. As We GROW by Grace, through FAITH, we Gain Righteousness. (3:21-22)

When we’re walking in His GRACE, we are doing things in His Power … and as a result of what He is doing in our lives.  This is completely different than doing things in our own power because of a certain rule or check list someone else has created that seems like what we’re supposed to do.

So for us to GROW, we come off the Grill of that initial incredible encounter w/ God, and we’re thankful for that initial experience of Restoration … and we receive the New Wine Skin … and we receive the Good News that we are a Child of God.

But then we ARE wrapped w/ His Holy Spirit, and we continue to cook … and GROW … and our source of heat and GROWTH is the same source of God’s GRACE as our initial encounter was.  It looks different, and we aren’t going from zero – 180 degrees, but we’re still going.

And it’s in this process that we discover:

  • incredible blessings God has in store for us
  • this is where we’re set free from the Law
  • and this is where we really begin to gain righteousness that helps us truly live and serve as God’s Messenger of the Gospel.


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