TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: 1 Peter 3:15; Matthew 5:17; 19:4–5

BOTTOM LINE: We take the Bible seriously because we take the Gospel Writers seriously.

QUESTION:   Are we PREPARED when it comes to the Bible, and what people say about how it’s not true?  Or why we believe it?



What do we say when there’s Little Time… and even Less InterestThese people aren’tsaying Tell me about Jesus,  that’s not it at all.

Why do we Take This Book [The Bible] so Seriously?

Many of us were raised in conservative churches that took the Bible very seriously, but the problem was that no one told us how difficult it was to defend at times.

  1. Why Do We Take the OT Seriously?

Something began to shift for me personally when I began to make this transition, and realized that  as Followers of Jesus, the reason we take the Bible Seriously is not just because it’s in the Bible. But really, it’s we take it seriously … because JESUS took it Seriously.

In other words, we did not become a Christian and exchange our life w/ the Life, Death & Resurrection of Jesus, because someone walked up to us and handed us a copy of Genesis!

It wasn’t like that.  For people I know, someone told us about Jesus.  We started asking Questions, and we saw something different in their lives, which they shared was God’s Presence and God working in them … and we chose to put our Faith in Jesus too.

THEN, they handed us this book and said and here’s what we believe!  We put our Faith In-Christ … whether as a young child … college student … adult … you name it … and when we put our faith in Jesus, we begin to read this Book to find out more about Him.

The reason we take the OT seriously … is because Jesus took the OT seriously.

Matthew 5:17 “”Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”

In other words, the OT was the equivalent of the Hebrew Bible.  The teachings in that Hebrew Bible were essential and valuable in the development the Jewish Faith & Traditions… in fact, I value them myself Jesus says.

However, they were also all pointing to the arrival of the Messiah … and that’s ME.  I’m here.  I’m not doing away w/ them or trying to abolish them, I’m the Fulfillmentof them.  Jesus truly believed the Hebrew Bible… the OT… was inspired by God!

And so as a Christian… a Follower of Jesus… the reason we take the OT seriously … is because Jesus took it seriously.


  1. Why Do We Take the NT Seriously?

The word Bible comes from a Latin word, which comes from a Greekword that means Books.

I often refer to them as Letters, and this Bible is compiled of a collection of manuscripts.  All of these manuscripts put together in our English Bible from Genesis to Revelation … and all of these Letters & Manuscripts were around and in existence before they were compiled together to create The Bible.

Matthew, Mark, Luke& John … their first-hand testimony of the life of Jesus and the teachings of Jesus were included in this collection of Letters because they were considered by people who were close to the action;  and by people who studied it and compared it, they considered it real and the authentic words of Jesus.

70 A.D. and the 1st Jewish War:  NONE of that war and story and destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple are recorded in ANY of the Gospel writings.  This would tell us it had to happen AFTER the Gospel writings were written … again, confirming the 1st hand accounts and eye-witness testimonies of the life of Jesus!  This isn’t some myth that has changed and been added to and made up over time.



I believe the OT is True, and I take the OT seriously,  not just because it’s in the Bible … but because Jesus took it Seriously!

Well … you’re just taking Jesus seriously because it’s in the Bible?  No, that’s not it completely:

–      I take Jesus seriously because of what Matthew said about him …

–      I take Jesus seriously because of what Mark said about him …

–      I take Jesus seriously because of what Luke said about him …

–      I take Jesus seriously because of what John said about him …

–      … and what Peter said about him

–      … and what James … His brother… said about him …

–      and what Paul said about him …

Fortunately for us, someone took all that stuff they wrote about Jesus, and they collected it over time, translated it into our language so that now today, we have an English version of the Bible.

So again … I take the OT seriously … not because I can explain it all!  Not because it all makes perfect sense to me … I take it seriously because Jesus did!

And I take JESUS seriously because of WHO wrote about Him … and WHEN they wrote it!

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul, James… for goodness sakes, Jesus convinced His own brother He was the Son of God … are you serious?  I mean if we just had James, that would be enough.  I mean what would it take to convince your brother you were the Son of God?

So there’s our statement:  I believe Jesus died for my sins, and rose from the dead, and not just because the Bible says so, but it’s better than that. I believe it because Matthew said so … and Mark said so, and Luke said so … and John said so … and Peter said so … and Paul said so … and James said so … and that’s why my HOPE is in Jesus! That’s why I’ve chosen to follow Jesus!

And the Bible is UH-MAZING … and I love the Scriptures!  And all of those writings were GREAT even before they were collected together and put together to make The Bible!   But the foundation … the epicenter of my Faith … is the EVENT of the Resurrection.

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