TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: 1 Peter 3:15; 2 Peter 3:9;  Romans 8:18-19;

BOTTOM LINE: If God removed the Evil from the world, He would have to being w/ me.  But I believe God entered this Evil World through His Son to forgive me, rather than remove me!

QUESTION:   How do we Respond when people use the Pain & Suffering in the world as a smoke-screen to keep God in the distance of their life?



For those of us who are Followers of Jesus, we’re trying to figure out what do we say, when there’s very little interest, and even less time?  People just make these comments:

  • Oh yeah, you’re the Church-Guy/Girl … right?
  • You’re the Bible guy …
  • Careful, he’s one of those church people …
  • You guys probably can’t do that cuz you’ll be at church right?

… and everyone sort of chuckles … but us … and we’re sort of doing this self-check and thinking, What can I say in that moment?

TODAY … we’re gong to jump into the most difficult subject of all when it comes to defending our Faith, and being PREPARED to have a defense for our HOPE.  What we’re going to look at today is thru the Lens of PAIN,  because this is the most emotional push back to Christianity.  PAIN is so often the root and source of the emotion and pushback … and the reason people reject God.

I want to look at 2 questions today that we can ask in response.  1 is really simple … the other is really interesting.  These aren’t meant to be some really snappy response to stupid questions, or some Ah-Ha sort of thing.  It’s just to have a response, so that the people we know who pushed back on God because of Pain & Suffering … at least know that we’ve thought about this tension too.

And if they’re interested … there is an answer right?

  1. Have You Ever Read Anything On This Topic?
  2. If You Could, Would You Remote Everything BAD From the World Right Now?




Imagine a world where mankind knew the consequence of Pain & Suffering associated w/ Sin.  A world that was re-Given to the Human Race, and this time, we have the knowledge of Good & Evil.  This time, we have the experience of the consequence of Evil!


That’s the Best Possible World … and our current world isn’t the final version for sure.  But it’s the best way possible to the best possible world we can experience while we’re here.

Christians have always believed that when mankind took possession of this earth, and when we sinned and sin entered the world the entire world is Broken.  And yet, there’s this almost this over-arching covering of God’s Presence too.

Pain & Suffering are not evidence of an absence of God.   Pain & Sufferingis the evidence of the fact that we know things aren’t right … and they ought to be better.

If God removed the Evil from the world, He would have to being w/ me.  However, I believe God entered this Evil World through His Son to forgive me … rather than remove me!

I believe He died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead, not just because the Bible says so, it’s better than that!  And in the meantime I will pray, Come Lord Jesus!  There’s something even better coming … and that’s why … with all that we’ve seen and all that we’ve experienced, we can maintain Faith in our heavenly Father and in His Son as God’s Love and Restoration for us.

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