Ken Hicks

Ken Hicks

Senior Pastor

Ken is a graduate of Baylor University & Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has served the local church for almost 25 years, most recently launching Heights Community Church in November 2009. Ministry is more than a job or occupation, it’s a lifestyle [as well as calling for all followers of Jesus]. Whether serving on fulltime church staff, launching a consulting company, coaching basketball, going to the gym, and everything in between, ministry has become a lifestyle.

Culturally within the Church we hear buzzwords such as Missional Living or Lifestyle Evangelism that many are leaning into to help set the framework for engaging those around us for the sake of sharing the Gospel and making Disciples. Many are discovering the difficult challenge of creating Margin in our lives where we can intentionally build relationships with those around us who are not already connected within the life and wall of the Kingdom. Honestly, we like our church friends don’t we? How often do we pull out of the garage and Go to Church, and leave the Mission Field of our Block/Street behind, and many don’t even know the names of our neighbors?

Ken has a passion for communicating Vision, Strategy and Opportunity for intentionally engaging those around us in our daily lives to pursue life In-Christ, and ultimately experience Disciples making Disciples.

At HCC, we truly believe in the concept of “Family Ministry.” Our desire is to equip you with all the resources we can, allowing you to disciple your children seven days a week. That is done through a partnership together, and we are excited about joining you in this journey.

Abby Nealous serves as our Family Ministry Pastor here at HCC, and leads our entire Kids CONNECTION team of staff and volunteers. Abby, Dylan & Jack were a part of our HCC community long before joining our staff, and serve in many different areas in the life of our Church. Abby has a heart and passion for Jesus, a love for children, and an unparalleled conviction to the partnership between parents and the Church.

Thank you for trusting us with your children, and please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can serve you in any way.

Abby Nealous

Abby Nealous

Family Pastor

Rachael Mayland

Family Ministry Team

The Mayland’s have been a part of HCC since 2013, and Rachael instantly gravitated to serving in our Family Ministry. Rachael has a true gift and passion for Administration and Organization, and serves as a great partner w/ Abby in our Family Ministry. Rachael coordinates Kids CONNECTION 2 Sunday’s per month, and also handles many of the Administrative responsibilities for Family Ministry.

Rachael & Marshall have 3 (soon to be 4) children: James, Brooks and Elizabeth, and when they’re not working, they love to be outdoors together as a family.

Josh handles all things Media and Visual for our CELEBRATION services weekly. Josh, Stephanie, Makayla, and James have been a part of HCC since 2012, and we are so blessed to have them as a part of our Team. We say “them” because we know Josh serves weekly, showing up for rehearsals, and early on Sunday mornings, and Stephanie can often be found bringing both children by herself in time for service. So thank you!

Josh spends his days overflowing into an army of leaders in the area of Technology at USAA.

Josh Kerr

Media / Visual Arts Director

George Waterman

Teaching Pastor

George and Jan came to HCC in 2014, having spent the last 20+ years full-time on the Mission Field in Reynosa, Mexico. George serves as a resident theologian, and not only serves in our Teaching Team rotation for CELEBRATION, but also leads a Thursday night CONNECTION Group in his home. George enjoys studying God’s Word and has a gift for connecting the dots together from all over God’s Word and how they fit together.

Jan serves in our Kids CONNECTION environment, loving on children and families in our KC4 class. Jan also provides wisdom and insight into strategic planning for God’s overflow into the lives of our children.

George and Jan still oversee Camp Vamonos (www.vamonos.org) from the U.S. side, and work with the American Churches heading across the boarder to be God’s Hands and Feet w/ churches there in Reynosa.

When not serving at HCC, or in Reynosa, George & Jan enjoy traveling together and seeing their kids, grandkids and great-grandkids.

Brandon Curry

Audio Engineer & Worship Team

Brandon brings a wealth of knowledge to our HCC team, having served as a Worship Leader and completed the Audio Engineer Academy as well. Brandon serves our CELEBRATION team w/ just the right blend of passion, servant-leadership, and giftedness to allow our expression of Praise to be the best we have to offer.

Dylan Nealous

Missional Engagements / Compassion Ministry

One of the 4 CORE values in the life of HCC is: Community Ownership, Empowerment & Commitment “A Passionate compassion for our COMMUNITY as we are the Hands and Feet of Jesus.” Our Vision Statement is Connecting people to Christ; Committing to Community; and serving as a Catalyst for Compassion. Serving as God’s Hands and Feet is in the DNA and woven all throughout the fabric of God’s Church at HCC.

Each month, we try to serve as a community somewhere in our city as an extension of His Love, Grace and Mercy, and Dylan is the brains behind this area of ministry. Dylan coordinates w/ partner ministries; H.I.S. Bridgebuilders; partnerships w/ other churches; Church Under the Bridge; Still Water Christian Ministries; Children’s Hunger Fund; and others to schedule, plan and coordinate opportunities for our entire community to move our Compassion into Action.

Dylan and his wife Abby have 3 sons (Jack, Dienye, & Raimi) and they have been a part of HCC for the last 5 years. We are so grateful for Dylan’s heart for Jesus and dedication to provide many, many opportunities for our church to be His Hands and Feet.

Kara Mowry

First Impressions Team Leader

Kara leads our F.I.T. (First Impressions Team) which handles everything involved in the entire Guest Services Experience. Kara coordinates recruiting, training and supporting volunteers serving as Greeters, Connection Table, Parking Lot folks, etc… In addition, she oversees the Café area as well as development of on-going improvements to make sure every person attending HCC feels welcomed and informed about opportunities.

Kara and Chad have 2 beautiful daughters, McKenzie and Morgan. When not serving at HCC, Dr. Mowrey overflows into the lives of students, faculty and administration at San Antonio College.


Tom Hicks

Tom Hicks


Tom and Sherry have been a part of HCC since inception, including meeting in a small room praying together and dreaming and listening for God’s call and direction.  Tom has served in many capacities:  Website design; Database Creation/upkeep; Teacher; Videographer (videos, edits and uploads the weekly video of CELEBRATION); Set-up team;  Greeter; Cook; Lollipop Man (the kids love to see him coming!!!); and so many more.  Most of the time, you will find Tom serving quietly and faithfully behind the scenes, truly modeling God’s call as a Servant Leader.

Tom spends his days pouring into students, faculty and administration at Trinity University, where he has taught Computer Science since 1983.  When not working at Trinity or for HCC, Tom enjoys Golf, traveling w/ Sherry, and spending time w/ Kids, Grandkids and Great-Grandkids.

Kevin Walls

Kevin Walls


Kevin, Lisa and Braden have been a part of HCC since the very 1st CELEBRATION, November 1, 2009.  Throughout the years, Kevin has served in many different ministry roles:  Preaching; Teaching; oversight of Lord’s Supper; Mission Trips; and most recently, sensed God’s calling to invest in our Middle School and High School students, birthing our 1st ever Student CONNECTION.

Kevin serves daily pouring into the lives of students, parents, faculty and administration at Lopez Middle School.  In his free-time, Kevin enjoys all things Baylor Bear … #SicEm … and sharing in the many sports activities where Braden is participating.

Chad Mowry


Chad begins his 2nd year as an Elder at HCC in 2016, and brings a powerful insight to our team as a small business owner. Chad has a real understanding of the various challenges experienced with HR, staffing, payroll, billing, etc… In addition, Chad has a heart for Missions and helping make sure that HCC continues to serve as a Catalyst for Compassion.

Chad and Kara have 2 beautiful daughters, McKenzie and Morgan. When not serving at HCC, Chad can be found tinkering with fast cars, on a golf course, or perhaps cheering on his Baylor Bears.


Ed Sakiewicz


Ed and Jen were a part of the initial launch team in November 2009, and have been an active role in many different areas over the last 6 years.   Ed holds a PhD in Organizational Management and has also started several companies and non-profits throughout his journey. Ed is a valuable asset to our Elder Team in his wisdom and organizational oversight and direction.

In addition, Ed & Jen have brought leadership and direction to our Guest Services area of ministry, served as greeters, served on the set-up team, volunteer in Kids CONNECTION, and even operate the camera on weeks when Dr. Tom is out of town.

Ed and Jen have 3 wonderful boys, when not working, or serving at HCC, they can be found traveling together thru their Travel Company. #YouShouldBeHere

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