TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Psalm 51:1-16

BOTTOM LINE:   God’s Complete Restoration is Possible when we Own our Sin, Come Clean w/ God, Seek/Receive His Forgiveness, and then Allow Him to re-deploy us on His Mission in the World using our story as a part of God’s Plan.

QUESTION:   Can we Sin in such a way that God Won’t Forgive Us?



One inescapable fact that surfaces across all generations … all income levels … all social standings … is that many, many people are HIDING!

  • Hiding from the Police
  • Hiding from Parents
  • Hiding from Coaches or Teachers
  • Hiding from Bosses
  • Hiding from Spouses
  • And yes … some are Hiding from GOD!


One of the things that I LOVE about God’s Word, is that not only do we find some incredible TRUTH there that God so graciously shared w/ us, we find HOPE there too in that many times, we find some people who just might be struggling w/ some of the same things we’re struggling with too!




5 Steps to Spiritual Recovery!

  1. Take Responsibility for OUR SIN!
  2. COME CLEAN w/ God!
  3. Ask for & Receive GOD’s FORGIVENESS!
  4. Request a FRESH WORK of GOD’s GRACE!


When we return to God, and are forgiven and deployed … crazy enough … we’re no longer even embarrassed by our season of Sin!

We’re so blown away by God’s Love & Grace & Mercy w/ us that we could be Forgiven and Restored, we’re like God … if you want to use me again, I’m all yours!

  • I’ll speak w/ other men who are unhappy in their marriage, and considering stepping outside the boundaries of their marriage covenant.I did that, and have the scars to prove it, and would love nothing more than for God to use my scars to save someone else from that pain.


  • I’ll speak w/ other women who are ready to throw in the towel on their marriage! I’m living the results of divorce, and I know how painful and difficult it can be.  I’m not proud of my divorce, but I’m sure happy for God to use me to walk w/ others!


This list is ENDLESS!   We all have our Sin!  And guess what … there are people around us who are battling that same sin!

And so we literally plead w/ God to put us back in the game and use our Scars to be a blessing for His Work and His Love and His Presence in the lives of others!