TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Psalm 37:23-24

BOTTOM LINE:   We will Stumble and We will Fall!  But God’s Does Amazing Things in our Lives as He picks us Up and puts us back together!

QUESTION:   What if I Fall, and Fall, and Fall? Does God Still Love Me?



One of the major things I think we can take away from these 2 verses is a Hope and a Promise that when we’re Walking in the life In-Christ  we may STUMBLE at times.  However, because we’re in the arms of Abba Father, we might even FALL, but it’s what happens when we FALL as a Follower of Jesus that makes all the difference in the world!

I love these verses… because what we’re going to see here is that It’s not IF… it’s really a matter of WHEN… and then WHEN it happens … how do we respond?   What do we do next?

  1. God Ordains Every Step We Take – the good, the bad, the happy and the sad, the positive and the negative.
  2. God Promises … that WHEN We Fall, We Won’t Be DESTROYED!


When we’re thinking …  Well … I’m done!  God’s done w/ me now!

We know that’s not from God!  We know that’s Satan trying to continue to win and to continue to keep us down!   And we need those people in our lives too that will just help us see that, and identify w/ us that God’s not continuing to beat us down and hold us down.



4 Practical Applications of this Truth

  1. Every STEP and STOP of our Life is Under God’s Control.
  2. God Takes Pleasure in our Struggle to Walk In Holiness.
  3. God Designs Our Trials So They Will Not Destroy Us!
  4. We Will Not Utterly Fall Because God Will Not Let Go!


Nothing is wasted by God!  All things truly do work together for good of those who love God and are called according to His Purpose.  It will work together for God’s Glory … even though that is sometimes REALLY difficult to see out the Front Window!

So here’s the wrap up:

ONE …Our struggles are necessary!  FIGHT ON!

TWO …Our Father has not Forgotten Us!  HANG ON!

THREE …Our future is Assured!  WALK ON!