TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Psalm 11:3-7

BOTTOM LINE:  Our Commitment & Confidence will Help us Live w/ Tenacity, Courage & Winsome.

QUESTION:   What do we do When it seems like Culture is decaying and the Foundation of Christ around us is literally being destroyed?



What Happens When the Foundations are Destroyed?

The Dam will eventually collapse … and my guess is wash away the traditional definitely of marriage altogether for many in our country.  Meanwhile, we wait … right? We can see it happening in culture, doesn’t change God’s Word for sure, but it’s like watching a head on collision in slow motion at times.

Totally reminds me of that question we read this week in Psalm 11:3“When the Foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

I think what King David is saying … When the Foundations are Destroyed, there are MANY things the Righteous can do, but above EVERYTHING ELSE, they must FIRST get the RIGHT VIEW OF GOD!


And so What Can We Do?  What kind of COMMITMENTwill it take to Take the Next Step of Faith?  And What kind of CONFIDENCE will be needed, and where will that CONFIDENCE come from?


  1. We will not Flee!
  2. We will not Fret!
  3. We will not Fear!.






Today, we walk by Faith!  Today, we stumble along, and at times struggle.  But Today is not the Last Day!  There is a Better Day Coming for the People of God When We Will Be Made Right!

Between now and then, we will have many days when the Foundations seem to be crumbling around us and the wicked rise up and threaten us … But the Wicked Will Not Have the Last Word!

Those who scoff at the Lord will be consumed with the Fire of God’s Judgment.


When the Foundations are being destroyedWe need a Fresh View of God and a Long View of History! 

I keep landing on these 3 Words at least for me!  Tenacious … Winsome … & Courage!

  • Tenacious means we don’t give up.
  • Winsome means we face life w/ a smile, not a scowl.
  • Courage means we do what needs to be done!


  • Tenacious means we keep on keeping on.
  • Winsome means we don’t lose our temper and say something stupid.
  • Courage means we take our stand for Truth!


  • Tenacious means we keep on Praying.
  • Winsome means we are cheerful when Others Attack Us.
  • Courage means we do the Hard Things w/o Complaining!


  • Tenacious means we Love People Anyway.
  • Winsome means we Display Grace under Pressure.
  • Courage means we Speak Up instead of Wimping Out!


When the Foundations of Society are destroyed … we can say to Men & Women everywhere … Christ is the Firm-Foundation, the Cornerstone that will NEVER be Shaken!