TEACHER:  Ken Hicks 

SCRIPTURES: Luke 12:49-53

BOTTOM LINE:   The Presence of Jesus will bring Divison!

QUESTION:  Are we using God as a means to somewhere else … or just resting In-Him?



Jesus is going to divide some families and some of us have experienced that.

Why? Because the claims of Jesus are absolute … and we can’t be ambivalent about Jesus!

So we read this, and those that were there heard Jesus say this:

  • I came NOT to bring peace, but division?
  • Jesus will end up separating people within a household.
  • And … unless we love Him more than our own family, we can’t be His Disciple?


That’s like the Tri-Factor of REALLY difficult things Jesus said here!

I want to sort of do 4 things quickly as we wrap up today:

  1. Deal w/ a widely-held Myth.
  2. Expose a staggering Claim.
  3. Reveal an incredible Motivation.
  4. Ask a few really Practical Questions.


  1. THE MYTH Christianity is More Divisive than Other View Points.
  2. THE CLAIM Jesus is actually God!   The object of our Faith!
  3. THE MOTIVATION Jesus went ALL-IN First!



I want to close quickly w/ 4 Practical Questions …

We know …

  1. The Myth – Christianity isn’t any more divisive than other Religions.
  2. The Claim – Jesus is God in Flesh … and He knows when He calls us to Him, He’s calling us to God too.
  3. The Motivation – we not only see the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus … and then from other’s around us too …

And so how does that translate in our daily living?   Here’s 4 questions to consider:

ONE … Have I OWNED Jesus in all my current relationships?

TWO … Am I obeying God w/ what’s in front of me right now?

THREE … Do I Have Any CONDITIONS for Following Jesus?

FOUR … Where I Am Causing Division, Am I Doing It Like Jesus?

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