TEACHER:  Ken Hicks 

SCRIPTURES: Matthew 7:1-6





This is one of the most recognizable statements Jesus ever made: Matthew 7:1 Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

Judge Not is one of the most popular verses in our culture because it seems to fit in w/ Culture’s 2 Basic Assumptions:

  1. Religion is Private
  2. Morality is Relative

… which means you can’t really tell ANYONE what they believe is wrong.  Things like Religion & Morality have more to do w/ Preference, and these conversations are often placed at the same level as something like: Do you like Taco Cabana or Las Palapas? Seriously … we’re talking about Life-Changing stuff at the same level we talk about where we like to eat … or which singer is better … or which football team is better.

And so anytime we begin to use God’s Word to speak truth into a situation … people like to pull this verse out sort of as a shield … to deflect what we’re saying … and how many of us have heard, well, the Bible says not to Judge!?

BUT … is that REALLY what Jesus means?

What Does Jesus Mean by NOT JUDGING?

Jesus can’t mean that we never tell someone that they are wrong, after all, how much of Jesus’ ministry included that very thing?

Big Idea #1:  We judge someone when we dismiss them as a person … NOT when we assess their position!

Big Idea #2:  Judging reflects extreme ignorance of our own Sinfulness.

how do we know when we’ve forgotten the Gospel … and falling into Judgment of others … what’s the Litmus Test?

  1. We’re more enraged at someone else’s Sin than we are embarrassed by our own!
  2. We Fail to Forgive.
  3. We Cut Off Those who Disagree w/ Us.
  4. We Gossip.
  5. We Refuse to Receive Criticism.
  6. We Refuse to Correct Someone’s position.
  7. We Write Someone Off as Hopeless.



How can this change our life?

ONE … Make Prayer our Main Weapon!

TWO … Be Sensitive to What People Can Handle!

THREE … Seek Conversations to Christ before Persuasion to Your Point of View.

FOUR … Learn to Adapt Our Message to Our Heart

FIVE … Devote Yourself to Listening Before Speaking!

SIX … Be Patient w/ the Pace of God in Someone’s Life.

SEVEN … It’s Ok to Back Out of Destructive Relationships.

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