TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: John 10:10

BOTTOM LINE:  Jesus Came that We Might Not only Have Eternal Life, but have an Abundant Life Too!

QUESTION:  If Jesus wants us to have an Abundant and Full Life, why do we have all our struggles, even when we’re trying to live as a Christian?



I can really find myself sometimes so worried about finding just the perfect way to tell people about Jesus … at just the perfect Time … and sometimes I think we need to be more clever about how we communicate the Gospel.

If people choose to reject the Gospel and Jesus, it’s not because our Sound system wasn’t good enough: or because we don’t have the Slides that go from 1 floor to the next in our Kids Area: or because I don’t look good in Skinny Jeans and Glasses w/ no lenses in them.

But it’s because those that we’re sharing our story of Jesus w/ are in that moment, blind to how worthy God is. Francis Chan said, I realized that for years, we keep trying different types of bait, but the truth is the fish just aren’t biting.  They’re blinded.

I confess to you … right here today … there’s some things here in God’s Word that it’s just hard to surrender to in my life sometimes!  And yet, I know it’s The Authority of God … it’s His Word and His Direction and His Commands and His Calling for my life … and it’s still really hard sometimes!

But that’s what it means to have a King … to have a Lord of my Life, and to recognize that The Master just very well might ask me to do some things I don’t really want to do.



if TODAY were the LAST MESSAGE I ever had a chance to overflow from that space … WHAT WOULD THAT BE?

I think if I this was it … for me, it would have to be rooted in John 10:10:

John 10:10“The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full.”


1 day, every single person will die from this earth.  In that moment, we’ll spend eternity either in Heaven … or in Hell.  Those are the only 2 options, and One of the reasons Jesus came was that God so wanted as many people as possible to experience LIFE!

ETERNAL LIFE … that ability to know that it doesn’t matter when I die … it doesn’t matter How I die … the moment my life on this earth is finished, my life in eternity is secured.



It’s not just about ETERNITY … yes, that’s the Launch Pad … that’s the Starting Point … but if that was it … I truly believe God would literally just vaporize us Home the minute we exchange our life w/ the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus

So what does JESUS mean by to the Full?

When JESUS is saying this … he’s been walking in ministry w/in the countryside in the region of Palestine … he’s seen Hunger, Oppression, and even some personal Sin and Rebellion against Him.

And JESUS is like … I want you to have life overflowing … but not in the things of the World … but in My Presence in your life!

The FULLNESS of Life so many of us desire ultimately is not rooted in the things we so naturally are drawn too … all those are temporary … all those will come and go … if not on this Earth … for sure when Jesus comes back … we don’t get to take a U-Haul w/ us … and so if we’re searching for more …

For me … it’s been this transition from living FOR Jesus … to trying to live FROM Him.

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