TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Various  (Luke 6:12-16;  1 Peter)

BOTTOM LINE:  Peter Had the Raw Materials, Life Experiences and Character Qualities for True Spiritual Leadership.

QUESTION: Where is God calling you to Lead Like Peter?



Jesus Calls the 12

  1. Simon Peter (Andrew’s brother)
  2. Andrew (Simon Peter’s brother)
  3. James (John’s brother)
  4. John (James’ brother)
  5. James the Less
  6. Judas the Apostle w/ 3 names (Lebbaeus and Thaddaeus nicknames)
  7. Nathaniel/Bartholomeu
  8. Matthew
  9. Thomas
  10. Phillip
  11. Simon the Zealot
  12. Judas Iscariot

We often call them the Disciples… and they certainly were Disciples [which is the Greek word matheteswhich means Learners or Students] … but these 12 were uniquely called to a specific Apostolic Office.  These 12 are referred to in the Greek word Apostoloi meaning Messngers or Sent Onesand they are thus called Apostles.

I hope this group of relatively ORDINARY MEN that Jesus selected can remind us all of a few things:

  1. Many of them had some unique Skills, Passions, Personalities and Gifting’s they brought to Team Jesus … just like each of us do as well!
  2. God did draft YOU! The Life, Death & Resurrection of Jesus was our selection onto His Team, and the moment we exchange our life w/ the life of Jesus, we’re in!
  3. And … Perhaps … through seeing how God gifted and used the lives of these Men who were just some regular old dudes like us … we can be reminded of our value to God’s Kingdom, our responsibility on God’s Kingdom, and have a better understanding how we can overflow our lives into God’s Mission in the world.

They’re just pretty ordinary guys in the most general sense …

–       None of them were scholars particularly … Luke was a doctor and probably the most educated, but still …

–       None of them were theologians …

–       They didn’t have natural talents or intelligence that made them the logical choice

–       They were prone to mistakes, bad attitudes at times, saying the wrong things, walking in their Flesh and not their Faith at times …

–       And Jesus says in Luke 24:25that they were even slow learners and somewhat Spiritually dense.


JESUS’S CALL to the 12:

And so this Callthat Jesus extended to these guys really was a 4-part Process:

  1. Conversion – that moment they decided to leave it all behind and follow Jesus.
    1. At this point of Salvation, followers did not leave their family and enter into full-time discipleship.
    2. They had responded to Jesus … but retained their full-time jobs at this point.
  1. Ministry– Jesus said, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of Men.
  2. Apostleship – This is what we’re going to look at here … where Jesus set this select few apart, and we see that calling most specifically in Luke… and this is sort of an internship of sorts, where they walk alongside Jesus for this 18 month period of time … because this calling really doesn’t happen until literally ½ of Jesus’ 3 year earthly ministry was already over.
  3. Martyrdom – this one occurred after Jesus’ resurrection … makes good sense not to START with this one right? Jesus made sure, just as He had modeled … the call would most likely cost them their life.  [Only John died of old age – the rest were all executed].


PETER had:

1) The Raw Materials to be the Leader [Inquisitiveness, Initiative, and Involvement];

2) The Right Life Experiences;

3) The Character Qualities [Submission, Restraint, Humility, Love, Compassion & Courage].

Those are SOME of the reasons Christ set PETER apart as the Leader upon which He would build His Church!

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