SCRIPTURES:   Proverbs 21:20; 1 Tim 6:6-10; Matt 6:33; Matt 11:28-29

BOTTOM LINE:  MARGIN is the amount available beyond what is Necessary.  What kind of MARGIN do we have?

QUESTION:  Are we willing to put God FIRST in our Finances?

DOWNLOAD:    MARGIN is the amount available beyond what is necessary.  It’s that amount that we have left over beyond what we have to have.   MARGIN is the difference between what we HAVE and what we NEED.   MARGIN is the ability to be FINANCIALLY at REST … not anxious or worried … and not always afraid even … and we know from the stats that most people don’t have FINANCIAL MARGIN … but I have to share that I truly believe God desires for us to have it …

Jesus said … Matthew 6:19 … “19 Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy …”

Which is completely the opposite of what so many of us are striving for our entire lives right?  Store it up; get more; get more; get more; that’s our life … and Jesus is like, Don’t do that!  That’s so foolish.

Jesus says, Matthew 6:20 … “20 Store up treasures in heaven … for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

A very fair translation of this would be … for where your money goes, there your heart follows.  Here’s what’s crazy … the average Christian in the United States GIVES about 2% of their income towards God and His MISSION in the world.  That means about 98% goes to the world … that means about 98% of our heart goes towards the world … And we want more of the world and we aren’t satisfied w/ God … because it’s a Spiritual problem.  We actually think that is going to make us happy …



1. When we GIVE to God’s Work FIRST, we experience God’s Blessings.

2. As we put God FIRST in our FINANCES, we become Supernaturally Content.

3. As we put God FIRST in our FINANCES, we end up w/ more of what matters.

When we have MARGIN in our SCHEDULE and MARGIN in our FINANCES … we’ll spend time w/ the people that we love … and we’ll invest in the things that are most important …

–       we will be rich relationally

–       we will be rich Spiritually

–       we will be rich in the things that matter the most when we put God FIRST …