SCRIPTURES:   Acts 1:1-11

BOTTOM LINE: The Life and Power of Jesus aren’t something to simply be “Admired” … but also “Experienced.”

QUESTION:  Do we find ourselves inviting God into our MISSION or us humbly going to God, honored to be a part of His MISSION?

DOWNLOAD:  The POWER of the Holy Spirit … Jesus is mentioned in all 11 verses that we looked at this week.  Apart from Jesus, there is no CHRISTIANITY!  And Jesus walked every step of His journey thru the Power of the Holy Spirit!  He had lived, died, and rose to live again.  Appeared to the early Christians for 40 days, showing them visible proof that He indeed was alive and it was just as He had told them.

Then Jesus left them w/ the MISSION of God … “… be My witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the utter-most parts of the world.”  That’s God’s MISSION … and so that’s OUR MISSION!   And Jesus told the early church, Ready, Set, WAIT!  That’s right … WAIT … wait for the power of the Holy Spirit to fill you just as it filled me.  Then, go be my Witnesses!

Ok God … but for How Long?  Who knows?  Until I come again!  In the meantime, let’s be less concerned about His Coming and more concerned w/ Our Going.

We’ve been Empowered by God for the Mission of God!

APPLICATION: So what is the Mission of God?

1.  IT’S UNDER HIS SOVEREIGN RULE:  God’s MISSION is under His Sovereign rule!  Jesus ascended into Heaven … and right now, He’s seated on the throne … and His MISSION now is under His rule … We remind ourselves … “I’m not in charge, God is!”


2.  IT’S ALL ABOUT KINGDOM EXPANSION:  God’s MISSION is the expansion of His Kingdom through the Church … HIS PEOPLE … You and Me … There’s no MISSION apart from the church … we’ll see that really well in Acts 2 and 3 …

Jesus didn’t start a whole bunch of organizations … He started 1 Organism … called The Church.  And Jesus’ MISSION was the expansion of God’s Kingdom!   He’s coming back … and in between the time when Jesus was here and He comes back … our MISSION is to be sharing His story and expanding His Kingdom!

3.  IT’S FOR ALL NATIONS:  Jesus’ MISSION is for all nations!  Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth … At this point, they didn’t have a “Map” so to speak … Peter couldn’t tell them to grab a globe so he could show them … most of these guys had never traveled more than 40-50 miles from their home … and that was all by foot (or maybe boat).