SCRIPTURES:   1 Timothy 1:1-20

BOTTOM LINE:  Paul told Timothy they must:  GUARD the Gospel; CELEBRATE the Gospel; and FIGHT for the Gospel.

QUESTION:  Do we know The Gospel well enough to know when someone is a False Teacher?


THE GREETING:  Paul opens w/ a greeting in verse 1-2 that we often overlook.  But in this Greeting, Paul establishes several things:

– He’s experienced Jesus; He’s been called by Jesus; and His voice is a voice of Authority of God.

He also sets the Foundation that our only HOPE is in Jesus … Paul almost always shares his message thru the lens of the Gospel.

Our HOPE as Paul says … and God’s favor is extended to us thru Jesus!!!!!

ILLUSTRATION: Christ Centered Exposition …“Yes, it’s imperative that we obey God’s Word, and conform to His Will, for saving faith always produces Spiritual fruit. But true, God-honoring obedience is always rendered in the context of a loving relationship made possible by the Gospel.”


John Piper:  The gospel is the news that Jesus Christ, the righteous one, died for our sins; Rose again, eternally triumphant over all His enemies, so that there is now no condemnation for those that believe, but only everlasting Joy. 



3 Things we must do:

  1. GUARD the Gospel.
  2. CELEBRATE the Gospel.
  3. FIGHT for the Gospel

Paul really dials into these 3 things here in chapter 1 in talking about False Teaching and The Law.

THE LAW:  What do we do w/ the Law?

Paul says we’re not to add anything to it!  And we aren’t to believe that if we obey it or complete it, then we can earn God’s favor.

And for us, living under the NT Covenant … what do we do w/ the Law?  What we’re really talking about is the Moral Law, and the Moral Law provides 3 things:

  1. Helps us experience God’s restraint in our lives.
  2. Helps us to see God’s Condemnation for our Sin.
  3. Allows us to experience God’s Will.