SCRIPTURES:   1 Timothy 2:8-15; 3:1-16

BOTTOM LINE:  Paul outlined the roles & qualifications for Elders, Deacons and even Men/Women in ministry and Leadership positions w/in the church.

QUESTION:  Who is called to be the overseer of the Church according to God?


1.  Church Leadership is Designed by God.  (3:1-7)


2.  Elders are Servant Leaders 

Listen … to the Holy Spirit, our pastor’s needs, and the body of Christ (especially our body at HCC)

Educate the flock about God’s Word

Attend to the needs of our congregation, and beyond our fellowship  (James 5:14)

  Demonstrate the character of Christ

LEAD under the authority of Christ


 3.  Deacsons are Leading Servants!  Deacons … (3:8-16)

Support the ministry of the Word

Exhibit a Christ-like character

Recruit fellow servants

Volunteer to organize people to meet specific needs that arise according to God’s Word.

Epitomize possessing a mission-mindset

Unify the body around the Word of God.

SERVE U by modeling the example set by Christ.



Leadership Matters!  It’s so important to understand how God’s Word has defined and qualified His people who are called according to His Word!  

Thanks for being God’s Hands and Feet at HCC.