SCRIPTURES:   Acts 2:14-41

BOTTOM LINE: Spirit Empowered Preaching is:  Biblical; Christological; Confrontational; & Impactful.

QUESTION:  Are we willing to: 1) Be Forgiven; 2) Be Filled w/ the Holy Spirit; 3) Be Baptized; & 4) Belong?

DOWNLOAD:  4 Things we see from Peter’s Sermon that paints a picture of Spirit Empowered Preaching:


– Peter gives “voice of reason” of sorts as a defense for the filling of the Spirit

– Then Peter goes right to the Bible – quoting the OT Prophet Joel and a Psalms

2.  SPIRIT EMPOWERED PREACHING IS CHRISTOLOGICAL  2:22-35 … Every time we preach and teach the Word of God, it should always develop thru the Person and Work of Jesus at some point.

3. SPIRIT EMPOWERED PREACHING IS CONFRONTATIONAL.  2:36  … God’s Word is supposed to pierce our heart!  It should break our heart at times as God’s Truth allows us to realize that our sin … our junk … our attitudes … etc… often are misaligned w/ the Person and Work of God, and to that end … we put Jesus on the cross.  Thru the Holy Spirit, God will confront the sin and junk in our lives.

4.  SPIRIT EMPOWERED PREACHING IS IMPACTFUL.  2:36-41 … REPENT & Be BAPTIZED.  When the Holy Spirit empowers a message, it will bring impact in our lives.


APPLICATION: 4 Responses to the Holy Spirit:

  1. Be Forgiven – REPENT … stop going this direction, and choose to run towards Jesus. it’s thru His Holy Spirit that we will discover where our life is misaligned w/ the person and work of Jesus.
  2. Be Filled w/ the Holy Spirit –         the Bible tells us when we repent and thru Jesus, we are redeemed and restored w/ God, that His Holy Spirit fills us!
  3. Be Baptized – don’t wait!  If you’re a believer, who is following Jesus and restored and redeemed w/ God, and have not been Baptized, please let me know … after CELEBRATION, Facebook message, text, online …etc.  If we have a bunch of us, we’ll do an all-church gathering together.
  4. Belong – 3,000 people came together for CELEBRATION corporately, and then broke bread together daily.  We need COMMUNITY to share the journey together … it’s by God’s design.  Watching online can be great … showing up once in a while is better than not showing up at all … but not CONNECTING w/ others and w/ God on a regular basis … this is HUGE you guys!  Bringing your family together for CELEBRATION on a regular basis is HUGE … don’t miss it … belong to community together.