SCRIPTURES:   Exodus 3-6

BOTTOM LINE: Answering God’s Call to Leadership is the easy part.  Communicating God’s VISION to the people is the hard part.

QUESTION: How do you lead in a way that others Embrace the Vision God has given you?


Moses was a man who had accepted God’s Call of Leadership … and accepting the call was the easy part … the difficult part was yet to come … to cast the VISION of freedom to over 1,000,000 Israelites … and then ultimately to persuade Pharaoh to let the people go …

Talk about a difficult task … but casting VISION is never easy is it? Whether we’re a stay-at-home parent, an executive, a salesperson, a teacher, an administrator … even perhaps retired … we all have our circles of influence where we try to cast a VISION of what we believe is necessary for the future.

And how do we do that … I want us to look at how Moses did it here in Exodus 3-6 … and along the way, we’re going to weave together some VISION from our Elder team on what God’s doing and where God’s leading HCC as well.


Moses knew in order to truly influence the people to own the VISION God had given, it would require complete buy-in, so he started w/ Aaron and the Leadership!

He then showed them thru the miracles God had allowed Him to perform that this was truly God’s vision and not something he made up.

And lastly … he pleaded w/ the people to walk the journey together.  He shared that they would need every single person!  Every single person has a role!  Unity is the only way!


APPLICATION:   Charles Stanley’s Process of sharing VISION that people can embrace.

  1. Detail It
  2. Express It
  3. Accept It
  4. Repeat It

ILLUSTRATION: Walt Disney World …

Walt Disney had a dream. His dream was to create a theme park, second to none. And the result was Disneyland, and he put it in California. It was incredible. But he wanted more. So he went to Florida. Real estate agents took him all around and he turned them all down. One day he drove past a huge swamp land near Orlando, and he said, here it is. This is where we will build.

And his dreams were even bigger than Disneyland. The sad fact is that Walt Disney died just before the theme park was dedicated. He had cast a VISION but wasn’t alive to see the project completed. At the dedication a friend leaned over to Disney’s widow and said, “I wish Walt could have seen this!” And she said, “he did.”


Some people have the unique ability to see what something can become … rather than for what they are … and we start asking … How do we get people to EMBRACE the VISION?

And if we could get Moses to come back, I think he would say … first of all, I didn’t create VISION … God gave me a VISION … He led me every step of the way!



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