SCRIPTURES:   Nehemiah 9:1-37

BOTTOM LINE:   The people of Jerusalem saw:  1) The GREATNESS of God; 2) The GOODNESS of God; and 3) The GRACE of God.  Sometimes our lens of God is way too small!  Sometimes we only see God as GOOD when things go our way!  And sometimes we allow Satan to beat us up about our Sin, rather than consume the GRACE God extended to us.

QUESTION:  Do we realize that we can break out of the cycle of SIN in our lives?

DOWNLOAD:  Chapter 9 paints for us an amazing picture of the people of God, gathered together, singing and lifting their voices in Praise and Confession.

Brokenness and Genuine Sadness about their SIN … and as they listen to God’s Word … we’ve seen this constant theme over and over and over again in NEHEMIAH … the 1st response of NEHEMIAH … and now here the 1st response of God’s People is … PRAYER!!!!!

DON’T MISS THIS … these things go together … Is our 1st response  … our 1st Action … Prayer?  Because we see over and over and over in the Scripture … that the process of carving away our FLESH … and the process of looking more and more like Jesus as a result of Reading and Understanding and Believing in God’s Word … that process requires this DISCIPLINE … I’m not even sure we can call ourselves People of God and not be People of Prayer

And in this Prayer here in we hear the Levites understanding of God’s Word as they were literally quoting Scripture at times … leading the people in this Prayer of Confession … they knew the Word of God by heart … trusting that the language of the Prophets, and Priests and Psalmists and others before them would lead them appropriately …

We also see a clear picture of the people of Jerusalem acknowledging this Sin and Brokenness before God … but also sharing such an amazing confidence in the Person and Nature and Forgiveness of God …

So let’s dive into these verses and see 3 things:

  1. The Greatness of God (1-6)
  2. The Goodness of God (7-30)  [1) God the CREATOR; 2) God the LEADER;  3)  God the PROVIDER;  and 4) The God of CORRECITON.]
  3. The Grace of God (31-37)

APPLICATION: Don’t miss this … God doesn’t just want to offer His help from Heaven … He offers a transformation of our lives from the inside out … for those of us who have begun a relationship w/ Him … It is possible to change …

God invests Himself in us in way that we’ll never fully know throughout our lifetime …   and belive it or not … we don’t have to stay in the Sin Cycle …

Jesus has joined us in the Journey … we have Royalty in our Bloodline … we have a Divine and Permanent Partner in this pursuit of Abundant Life … Jesus wasn’t just a way for us to get to Heaven … but He was the bridge for not only Eternal Life … but Abundant Life until God calls us Home.

And instead of Sinning and Confessing and Sinning and Confessing over and over again … when we’re struggling … and failing … and being tempted in the midst of the battle … let’s draw near to Him as the author of Hebrews says .

Let’s covenent together and acknowledge that God isn’t sitting around just waiting for us to fail … But when we do … there is GRACE and MERCY and COMPANIONSHIP and STRENGTH through Jesus … and not just when we’re overwhelmed w/ Gladness … but when we’re overwhelmed w/ Grief too … but we have to draw near to Him


In verse 38, it says they made a binding agreement … they put it in writing … It was:

–       Personal

–       Practical

–       Public

PERSONAL … What do we need to do this morning?  Do we see God as GREAT?  And GOOD?  And GRACIOUS?  If not … maybe this morning, we can lock into these truth’s … and maybe even PERSONALIZE our Faith by making it real today …

PRACTICAL … 2nd … based on “WHO” God is, what is the Holy Spirit prompting us to do right now?  What is the next practical step in our journey of Faith to look more like Jesus.

PUBLIC … lastly … how can we make our decision public?  Something powerful happens when we share these sorts of steps in our journey w/ others … it’s amazing what accountability can do … Are we in a CONNECTION Group w/ some friends?  If so … can we share it w/ them?  We could call a friend and tell them … or as we close … you could slide out during our time of reflection and I’ll be down front … and you could simply come say Ken, I just want you to know I’m making this step today …


Would you allow the Holy Spirit some space to move in your heart and life this morning?  If you want to come and pray … and just simply talk to God … feel free.  If you want to come and be prayed for … we’d be happy to do that … if you’d like to begin a journey w/ God, we’d be happy to pray w/ you for that as well … but whatever God prompts your heart to do … would you respond today?