SCRIPTURES:   Exodus 7-12

BOTTOM LINE: The 10 Plagues of Egypt not only decimated Egypt physically, but more important they decimated them Spiritually.

QUESTION: Where is God trying to get our attention to make a difference in His Kingdom?  Are there areas in our lives where


Just as Egypt was a symbol of the power in the world to hold God’s people under it’s bondage … so the Plagues are a symbol to remind us that God will bring judgment upon those things that we treat as Idols in our lives? And God didn’t tolerate Idolatry from the Egyptians … and He wont’ tolerate it in us either.

The problems the Egyptians had from God’s Lens was they had established Idols of Worship that were far more important in the lives of the Egyptians than God was …

And we see this in this story here in Exodus … and if we’re not careful, we sort of glaze right over it because we’re like … well, I don’t worship a …

  • God of Crops
  • God of Sun – although how many people are enjoying the Sun and Beach as opposed to gathering w/ His Body to worship even this morning?
  • River God – How many are at the lake or rivers in the summer time instead of gathering w His body to worship?
  • A Goddess of the Sky
  • A Physician God
  • The God of the Bull … well some of us who really enjoy that steak might speak up for this one …
  • Etc…
  • There’s all kinds of God’s that fit in here too isn’t there? The God of SleepThe God of Lifestyle … you name it … that are keeping us from obeying God’s Commandment to … not forsake the assembling of yourselves together to worship Him.

This story that happened 4,500 years ago … and sometimes we think that this was just a story in the history books … We can easily read this story … learn more about the details of the Plagues … see how the last Plague was the foreshadowing of the Blood of the Lamb that Jesus would be on our behalf … we can catch all of that … and completely miss maybe the most personal piece of this text …


What is Our Idol? Who are our God’s that we’ve got seated where only God should be seated in our lives?

  • FEAR – are we paralyzed by our Fears and therefore unwilling to be fully devoted to God and His Word and His Call and His Mission in our lives?
  • TIME – Are we unwilling to re-arrange our calendar and schedule to make room for what we know God’s Word leads us to do? Whether that’s making gathering together for CELEBRATION a priority … or creating time for our family to be His Hands and Feet together … you name it!
    • And by the way … we can fill our schedules w/ some really good things and still be placing it as a pagan God.
    • So be careful here … because this one can get really tricky.
  • MONEY – this one may be an obvious one for us … but is our pursuit of Money capturing our heart and mind? Are we so concerned w/ climbing the ladder … getting the next promotion … buying the next size house … getting the next car …
    • Have we created so much debt in our lives that we can’t afford to be His Distribution Center of resources because we’re consuming everything God has given us on ourselves?

These Plagues were not just a passing story that God used to judge Egypt and to show His power to deliver!   That was part of it for sure … but those Plagues carry a powerful message right to the front door of our heart too …

Their warning is just as real right now as it was the day that Moses stood before Pharaoh and pronounced God’s judgment upon the Egyptians.

And His Word tells us He will bring judgment on us too … that may be when He returns … or maybe sooner. God has such a love for His Children … and He doesn’t take any more pleasure in correcting His Children than we do in correcting ours for sure … But God loves us too much to allow us to remain in Sin … and He will bring judgment … either sooner or later … in order to bring us back into obedience w/ His Will and His Word and His Mission.

And I don’t know about you … but I’m praying for me … that in any and all of those areas of my life that I find myself in pursuit of other things above Him … that I can run to Him and thru His Grace be restored … and yet again in pursuit of life In-Christ every single day!


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