TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES:   Exodus 33:12-22

BOTTOM LINE:  There’s something that happens when we have tasted and eaten and seen that God is Good that not only makes us Hunger more for Him … but we also Hunger for things that compete w/ God less.

QUESTION: Are we cultivating an appetite for a Holy Hunger for God?

DOWNLOAD:   I can tell you firsthand … that as I have experienced a season of Fasting & Prayer [and by the way … even in Scripture, these 2 things ALWAYS go together! There’s no way we Fast and experience God’s presence in a powerful way w/o intense prayer too].

 but that Physical Hunger often begins to do a work in us in regards to our Spiritual Hunger as well. I mean what if we were to desire God w/ the same way … and the same anticipation … and the same expectation that we do as our bodies desire FOOD?

And I just have to confess to you … as I’ve really been preparing for this week w/ Kevin teaching last weekend … God has really been doing a work in me w/ regards to what our THIRST and HUNGER for Him looks like in our country, especially compared to others …

… and I can tell you … in many cases, there just seems to be a different Spiritual atmosphere … I’ve often struggled coming home … and sort of racking my brain trying to figure out What’s Different?

And I know … we often go to all the “Stuff” … and how we aren’t a 3rd World Country … and we just have more Money, so it’s not the same … BUT … I think if I were to try to put my finger on the 1 thing that’s so different … it would be what I would call a Holy Hunger.




And God sort of takes Moses aside and says … Moses, I have had it w/ these guys! But because I’m a God that honors a covenant and keeps my promise … I’m going to take you into the Promised Land anyway. I’m going to do what I said I was going to do … and I’m going to defeat your enemies … but I will not go with you. In fact … If I go with you, I might just end up destroying you.

Moses had gone up the hill to Mt. Sinai for 40 days/nights, and the people of Israel reverted to their flesh and desire for instant gratification.


  1. Holy Hunger Sparks a Desire to Learn God’s Ways and Know His Heart
  1. Holy Hunger Creates Dependence on God’s Presence and an Unwillingness to Move Forward Without It.
  1. Holy Hunger Drives us to Pursue All That We Can Handle of God.

I love the way the commentator Matthew Pool puts it … He says … “Thou shalt see the shadow or obscure delineation of my glory as much as you can bear, though not as much as you desire.

God says … Ok … You want to see my Glory and I want to show you as much of My Glory as you can possibly handle.

And later on the Scripture says that the Glory of God began to pass by and God proclaimed His name.

Moses was hidden in the cleft of the rock so he couldn’t see God’s Glory in that moment … but as soon as the Glory of God passed in His full magnificence … the hand of God lifted off of Moses and all he saw was the train of His Glory … the Back of His Glory.

In other words … I’ll show you as much of My Glory as you can handle … and have we cultivated a Holy Hunger in such a way as to be constantly increasing our appetite … because I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to handle so much more than I can right now!


Would you consider praying today … God … I need you! God, would you create in me a desire to experience more of You … and not just the everyday You … but God, could I experience Your Glory … the full-measure of Your Goodness and Your Glory …

Would you consider praying that?

Because here’s what I’m learning … there are many things in my life that can bring some short-term satisfaction … and some short-term Joy even … but the truth is … they all pale in comparison to experiencing His Glory in my life … and it’s causing in me this Holy Hunger for more and more and more of Him …

And the result is not only a greater experience In-Christ … but honestly … there’s way less collateral damage and other junk in my life as a result too.