SCRIPTURES:   Galtaians 4:4, Psalm 145:15, Psalm 104:27, Deuteronomy 11:14, Romans 5:6, 1 Cor 6:2, Mark 1:15

BOTTOM LINE:   It’s 1 thing to UNDERSTAND the Miracle of CHRISTmas … it’s completely different to UNDERSTAND the Miracle of CHRISTmas.

QUESTION:  God’s Timing is PERFECT … God’s Provision is AMAZING … and NOW is the time for WHAT?

DOWNLOAD:   There are many elements to the story of CHRISTmas … and this morning, I want to talk about the “TIMING” of Jesus’ birth … I want to dive in here this morning … and sort of start w/ a moment of silence.

ILLUSTRATION:  60 seconds of SILENCE:  Exactly 1 minute has passed … and isn’t it amazing how long 1 Minute of Silence seems … and yet how short 1 minute seems when we’re doing something we enjoy.

As we launch into this ADVENT season this morning … I want us to consider one of the most important and strategic moments in history … and many of us have experienced Perfect Timing before right?

–       Someone showed up just in time

–       We made our best grade ever just in time

–       We got the check in the mail just in time …

One MINUTE … 60 seconds … placed at just the right location can make all the difference can’t it?

I love Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia … where he says …

Galatians 4:4 … “4 But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law.”

1.  Jesus CAME at just the right time.

2.  God PROVIDES at jus the right time.

3.  God says NOW is the time.


APPLICATION:   Many of us have EXPERIENCED the MIRACLE of CHRISTmas in that we’ve begun a journey In-Christ … we not only understood the need for restoration in our life because of our own sin and junk … but we truly believe that Jesus was our MIRACLE … Jesus was God’s plan for us … and for the world.

And so we began that journey at some point in our lives … and yet we get to Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas season … and the truth is … life for us is absolutely no different than it is for anyone else!

The only question is this … for you and for me this CHRISTmas season … NOW IS THE TIME FOR WHAT??????

–       To begin that personal journey w/ God thru Jesus?  If you’ve not done that before … than absolutely … please don’t wait!  CHRISTmas will never be the same for you …

–       Is now the time to commit or recommit to break open God’s Word in your life in an effort to not only understand the MIRACLE of CHRISTmas … but to EXPERIENCE more of God’s Lens and Transformation in our life?

–       Is now the time thru God’s Word and God’s Strength and God’s Grace in our own life … is now the time to recommit to our marriage … or a relationship w/ one of our children?

–       Is now the time to decide we’re going to find another family or 2 or 3 … and we’re going to intentionally share our lives together regularly … the good, the bad and the ugly … because that’s what God’s Word tells us is His plan … so that we can Love one another and Support one another and Sharpen one another.