TEACHER:  Kevin Walls, Elder

SCRIPTURES:   Exodus 32

BOTTOM LINE: Many things will change around us … but God is Un-Changing!

QUESTION: Have you ever had a time in your life when you were walking w/ God & things were great, and you were living what some might call that “Mountain Top Experience?  And then for whatever reason, you got tired of living the journey God’s way and just went out completely on your own?



Moses had gone up the hill to Mt. Sinai for 40 days/nights, and the people of Israel thought he was gone and might not ever return.   The people plead w/ Moses’ brother, Aaron, to build a temple to a new God since they weren’t sure they could depend on God any longer.  And they built a Golden Calf.

All sorts of things were happening in this process:

  1. They sought a leader without conviction.
  2. They sought salvation without dedication.
  3. They created a god without retribution.



Moses comes down from the mountain and he is furious, and he destroys the Golden Calf.

Now … the story of the Golden Calf is really a complex story to be honest.  There are many theologians who have studied long and hard trying to discern facts such as:

– Was there the possiblity that since Aaron only built 1 Golden Calf that it did indeed represent God?

– In the chronology of the narrative of the “Ten Commandments” the commandment against the creation of graven images had not yet been given to the people when they pressed upon Aaron to help them make the calf, and that such behavior was not yet explicitly outlawed.

… there are all sorts of really strong discussion that go along w/ this story, some of which theologians honestly may not completely agree.


But … here’s what we do know for sure:

  1. God’s character/attributes are unchanging.
  2. God’s purposes are unchanging.
  3. God’s promises are unchanging.
  4. God’s plan is unfolding.