BOTTOM LINE: CHRISTmas is not our Birthday!  CHRISTmas is the celebration of a Miracle, and the Miracle worker seems to be a declining part of the CHRISTmas story.

QUESTION:  How much of our CHRISTmas CELEBRATION is Biblical?  Would we be willing to offer our lives to God, as a “womb” for Him to birth whatever Miracle He so desires … no matter the cost?

DOWNLOAD:  God does Miracles through ordinary people like you and me.  Are we willing to allow Him to birth a Miracle through us?

Many times we don’t feel worthy of God to do a Miracle through us (we’re not by the way)!  I bet Mary thought the same thing.  And yet, over and over in Scripture, we discover God using the ordinary through whom to birth His Miracles.

Are we willing?  And are we willing to pay the cost?  Grace is FREE, but it is NEVER Cheap!   Miracles are often birthed though the labor and pain and sometimes even suffering.


1. Jesus was born not only to die a Sacrificial life on our behalf … but He was also born to show us how to live Sacrificially.

2. Would we make a list of 3-4 Miracles that our world needs to experience?

3. Now begin to pray that God can birth a Miracle through US this CHRISTmas season that helps meet 1 of these needs.

4. Perhaps it’s just w/ our CHRISTmas money … or perhaps God has different plans.  But let’s present our lives as a “womb” for Him to do as God sees fit.