TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Romans 8:31-37

BOTTOM LINE:   We have been Made More Than Conquerors THROUGH CHRIST who loves us.                                    

QUESTION:  What is the battle/challenge/struggle you are facing, and wondering if there is EVER any way or hope of conquering?


I don’t know if any of you have ever done any mountain climbing? As you near the summit of the mountain, you’ll often reach a peak that is not the ultimate peak. It’s a lower peak, that you have to navigate over to the get to the very top of the mountain.

And that really fast wrap up of all those chapters of Romans sort of reminds me of this picture.  It gets us all the way up some tuff terrain at times … it was a strong climb … and when we got to chapter 8:30 … it even felt like we were on top.  But as we climbed that Mountain of Grace in chapter 8, we were at the peak just below the Summit.

Of all the books in the Bible, there are many who would say Romans is the greatest!   For many, it’s the Mt Everest of the Bible.

Most would say that Romans 8 is the summit of the Bible … we’ve navigated the lowlands … moved up through the forest … eventually got through the initial tree line, to the rocky barrens … it’s a long journey, so we made our way through the snowy fields … up through the valleys … and gotten to the lower peak.

And today … I want to climb 1 more peak to the Summit.

Matthew Henry who says it seems here as if Paul has been riding a Holy Chariot on his way up to Heaven in Romans 8.

Paul, is not only an Amazing Writer … and he was a Fantastic Teacher … but he was also a Great Preacher. And Romans 8 really reads a lot like a sermon:

  • 1-4 … Introduction
  • 5-17 … 1st Point
  • 18-27 … 2nd Point
  • 29-31 … Conclusion
  • 31-39 … Application of the message

And sort of like any good sermon, Paul closes this sermon w/ a personal application.  He gathers together the Major Truths of Romans 8 in the form of 5 Unanswerable Questions.


QUESTION #1: If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?

This is the Question that The People of the World Want Answered:

  • Is there a God?
  • And IF there is a God, is He FOR us … or AGAINST us?

Paul actually says here … If God is For Us,  However, he’s not at all saying maybe He is and maybe He isn’t? In fact, it can be translated and is in some translations from the original language … SINCE God is for us … BECAUSE God is for us.

There is no more fundamental truth in all of Scripture than this Truth … GOD IS FOR US! And He is NOT Against Us!

  • Don’t miss this … God’s not on the fence … He’s not neutral … the jury is not still out!
  • He’s FOR You … He’s FOR Me.

… and because the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, once and for all that question was settled!

QUESTION #2: Will God Hold Back On Us?

This is the Question of PROVISION.  Will god hold back anything that His people need?

God has given us His Son.  He has held nothing back. He’s given us the BEST of what Heaven has to offer …

  • We can rest knowing God won’t hold back the FOOD we need. People might by the way … He may have shared Your Food w/ me, and I’m not in tune w/ God’s Plan or I’m selfish … but God has provided.
  • We can rest knowing God won’t hold back the WATER we need.
  • We can rest knowing God won’t hold back the JOB we need.
  • We can rest knowing God won’t hold back the ANSWERS TO OUR PRAYERS.

If He’s Given us His Best … He won’t Hold Back the Rest! Remember … He is For Us!

QUESTION #3: Who can Successfully Accuse Us Before God?

This is a Question of PROTECTION.

What if someone wants to accuse us before God? Can anyone bring a charge against us and make it stick?

Satan comes and tries to testify against us in the Court of Heaven … Ahh … Get rid of Him! He’s a bum! He’s a Sinner! Did you see what he did or what he said? Do you know where he/she was last night.

And Paul’s making clear here.  No one can bring charges against us before God!   Only God can do that, and it’s only God who Justifies us as well.

QUESTION #4: Who can Condemn Us?

Whew … how far do we have to look to find someone in this world who desires to condemn us?   Even our friends and sometimes family might share a rumor about us at times … when we fall short … everyone is there to make sure the world knows!

When Jesus died, He paid the price for Your Sin and My Sin.  Ccompletely & Forever!   When He rose from the dead, He defeated Satan once and for All!   When HE ascended into Heaven, He was seated at the right hand of God the Father, and now that Jesus is in Heaven, He intercedes for us!

When we sin … and when we are condemned & our friends turn against us … and even when we’re beating ourselves up … Jesus says, Father, I plead My blood.

QUESTION #5: Who can Separate Us From The Love of God?

NOTHING can separate me from God’s Love for me!

Aren’t we Glad God’s not like us? 1 day I love you, the next day not so much! Those God Loves, He Loves Forever! Those who exchange our lives w/ the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, are a part of God’s Family FOREVER!

Don’t miss this: we aren’t restored to God and we’re not going to 1 day experience Heaven because we’re holding onto Jesus.  We’re going to spend eternity in worship of our Holy God because HE is holding onto US.




I remember visiting w/ a church member, who had been diagnosed w/ a terminal illness, that doctors said would probably take his life in 6-8 weeks … and he was so cheerful even on the end of his journey … I hope I can have ½ that much spunk towards the end of my journey … but he said … Doctors have said I don’t have long. I’m praying God would heal me, but it really doesn’t matter. If I’m healed, I’ll live longer. But if I die, I’m going to Heaven, so it’s totally ok either way.

That’s exactly what Paul is talking about here … even when we face death … we are More Than Conquerors.

And so for US … when we’re going through a hard time … how hard is it sometimes to not only remember … but really experience … that God still Loves Us!

  1. If for some reason … we’re running out of money … God still loves us.
  2. When our Body begins to decline physically … God still loves us.
  3. If we’re being persecuted for our Faith … God still loves us.
  4. If our marriage seems to be drifting apart … God still loves us!

Doesn’t always mean things get better, or it all works out Happily Ever After.  But nothing can separate us from His Love for us!

What our English translation says there in verse 37 in 5 words … we are more than Conquerors is only 1 word in the Greek … but it means Super-Conquerors … we are Super-Conquerors through Jesus!

What does that mean? We can face anything the world throws at us …

  • Have a bad week – we are a Conqueror through Jesus
  • Facing a bad week – we are a Conqueror through Jesus
  • Hard times ahead – we are a Conqueror through Jesus

If we are joined by faith thru Jesus … we are Super-Conquerors!!!