SCRIPTURES:   Acts 1:12-26

BOTTOM LINE: The early church modeled for us:  Gathering + Praying = Unification.  If we have a Unity problem, that’s a symptom of a Gathering and/or Praying problem.

QUESTION:  What do we do when we are asked to WAIT?

DOWNLOAD:  SCRIPTURE empowered by the Holy Spirit … How did the disciples begin executing the biggest mission in the history of the world?  The Bible says that while they were waiting for the Holy Spirit, they devoted themselves to Prayer … they talked to God.  The apostles led by following God’s Word … the Scriptures … and through it, we see God respond.

The early Church was given the greatest MISSION in the history of the world … and yet were asked to WAIT for 2 reasons:

1.  Jesus told them the Power of the Holy Spirit would be given to them.

2.  They needed to get 2 leaders in place.  a) Leader of the church (since Jesus ascended into heaven); b) Apostle to replace Judas.

So they Gathered regularly; the devoted themselves to prayer (for what appears to have been 10 days at this point); and they filled these positions thru allowing God to fill the seats.

We’ve been Empowered by God for the Mission of God!

APPLICATION: So what is the Mission of God?

1.  Follow Leaders who Follow Scripture:  Might seem like a no-brainer, but how far down the list when visiting a church is the questions “Are they following and teaching God’s Word?”  Peter stepped into leadership and immediately quoted 2 Psalms.

2.  MISSION often Follows Failure:  Judas and Peter both had failed God.  So the question isn’t are we ACTING more like Judas or Peter.  The question is are we RESPONDING more like Judas or Peter?  Judas took his sin all the way to the grave.  Peter went running to Jesus with his.