SCRIPTURES:   Acts 2:38-47

BOTTOM LINE: “What is a Church?”  We use the words “JESUS’ CHURCH” to discover some characteristics of a Spirit Empowered Church.

QUESTION:  Are we willing to be a Spirit Empowered Church?


J – Jesus Centered Bible Preaching and Teaching

E – Emotional Worship

S – Salvation … joining God’s Family

U – Under Godly Leadership

S’ – Sin Repentance



H – Huge Generosity

U – Underwater Baptism

R – Regular Gatherings


H – Harvesting Through Evangelism and Church Planting


APPLICATION: How would we answer if someone asked us, “What is a Church?”  Where would we take them in Scripture?   We can start here in Acts 2.

  1. There’s a difference between PRINCIPLES and METHODS.
  2. The Bible says to PREACH, that’s a PRINCIPLE – whether we preach thru a book of the Bible; topical; what book of the Bible; etc… that’s a METHOD.
  3. The Bible says to Sing Songs, Psalms, Hymns, etc… that’s a PRINCIPLE … What songs?  What kinds of instruments?  That’s a METHOD … depends on our culture, location, etc… right?

So as we look at this … we’re using the lens of PRINCIPLES for sure, and totally ok w/ other churches who hold to Biblical PRINCIPLES using whatever METHODS they think are best right?  And we don’t need to judge them … or speak poorly of them … or any of that for sure … in fact, we love all churches who are using God’s Word and His PRINCIPLES He’s given us here in the Bible.

And one of the PRINCIPLES we’ll see all throughout the SCRIPTURE as well is our need to Gather Together … to CELEBATE Together … to share life together … 1 person can be a CHRISTIAN, but it takes God’s People to be The Church.  On a personal level, we can have a relationship w/ God for sure … but that makes us a part of The Family of God.

And both matter right?  If we’re not careful we can spend our time and energy specifically as it’s related to our own personal journey w/ God thru Jesus and almost completely omit our time and energy as a part of the Family of God.  We can be a Christian by ourselves, but we cannot be the Church by ourselves