SCRIPTURES:   Acts 3:1-10

BOTTOM LINE: Empowered by teh Spirit to HEAL.  God is the Sovereign God of the Universe and the Great Physician.  Sometimes He chooses to bring Physical Healing and sometimes He does not.  Bottom line, we Praise Him either way.

QUESTION:  Why do some people recieve HEALING and other people do not?


1.  Why is there Sickness and Suffering?

1.  Sin and the Fall of Man
2.  Personal Sin
3.  Demonic Forces – Satan


2.  2 Common Questions about Healing: 

1.  Does “Healing” Replace Traditional Medicine?
2.  Is All Healing from God?


3.  Why Does God Heal?   

1.  It’s An Act of LOVE and MERCY to the Person Who is Suffering

2.  It Validates God’s Servant

3.  It Reveals the Kingdom of God

4.  It’s a Testimony to Non-Christians

5.  It Motivates Christians to Worship


APPLICATION: So How Do We Minister w/ the Sick?

So … How Do We Minister to the Sick? 
1.  Pray from a Distance
2.  Lay Hands on them and Pray
3.  Anoint w/ Oil
4.  Minister in Faith