SCRIPTURES:   Acts 5:12-16

BOTTOM LINE:  We Are Empowered by the Spirit to Look Like Jesus. 

QUESTION:  Do You look like Jesus?  Does our Church look like Jesus?

DOWNLOAD:    One of the unique characteristics of the Early Church is that when you lay them over top of the life of Jesus, they are so similar.  Does our church/life look like Jesus?  Do people thirst for Jesus becuase their life has collided w/ our life?

1.  They had PURITY from WITHIN.

2.  They had RESPECT from WITHOUT.

3.  They had POWER from ABOVE.


APPLICATION:    So here’s the question … do we have a longing to be a part of the MISISON of God?  Do we hunger and thirst for the Holy Spirit to fill us … so that we can go and share the Gospel w/ those who need to hear?  Does our heart truly break for what breaks God’s heart?We don’t get another lifetime … this is the only one … and every day and every moment matters … and it starts w/ you and I chasing PURITY in our lives … and PURITY in our personal lives will allow us to gather together as a community in Unity … all gathering not for our own MISSION but grateful for what God’s done in our own life, and excited and honored about being a part of what God’s doing in this world …  and in order for those around us to truly thirst for a real, sincere, authentic, genuine relationship w/ God … we have to ask … do we look like Jesus?  Because what we see in the early church … looks just like Jesus!