SCRIPTURES:   Acts 4:23-31

BOTTOM LINE: Peter and John have just been released by the Sanhedrin, and they go immediately back to the Church.  What do they do?  They PRAY.

QUESTION:  Are we willing to be devoted to PRAYER?  There’s a huge difference between a person/church that PRAYS verses being a person/church that is devoted to PRAYER.

DOWNLOAD:   Peter, John, and the people of the church paint for us such a solid model of PRAYER.  Check this out:

1.  How to RESPOND.

2.  Who to RECOGNIZE.

3.  How to get READY.


The Holy Spirit can fill us and empower us w/ BOLDNESS and COURAGE, even in the face of Perseverance, to continue to proclaim the Gospel.  Notice:

1.  They weren’t concerned w/ Retaliating.   We will face Persecution … we talked a lot about that last week … we said we just simply need to Plan for that when we’re going to share the Gospel … And most of the time … when we face Persecution, we have a tendency to what to eliminate it ASAP right?

And the Early Church knew that the threat of Persecution from the Sanhedrin was real and legitimate … and so they prayed for Boldness, not for the Persecution to go away and not for something to happen to the Sanhedrin.   Our PRAYER needs to be that same PRAYER … BOLDNESS … boldness to live a life sharing the Gospel … BOLDNESS to walk each day dependent In-Christ … Living FROM Him and not so much FOR Him … and as we’re empowered w/ BOLDNESS, remember, the goal is not to attack those who get in the way.

2.   It’s not about Me … It’s all about God  They had such a passionate desire for God to stretch out His Hand … for Him to bring healing  … so that others would experience a glimpse of God and be interested, so they could share the Gospel.  It’s all about Him …