SCRIPTURES:   Acts 4:32-5:11

BOTTOM LINE:  INTEGRITY … What’s Your Price?  How much could I pay for your INTEGRITY

QUESTION:  Who/What Are We When Nobody is Looking?


1.  Temptations to Compromise our INTEGRITY are commonplace.

2.  It always looks easy to violate our INTEGRITY.

3.  When we lack INTEGRITY, we sin against God.

4.  Hypocrisy has a High price tag.


APPLICATION:  We will be challenged daily to compromist and sell our INTEGRITY, and many times, it’s for a very small price, isn’t it?  Ananias and Sapphira sinned against God and it cost them their lives.  Not becuase they didn’t give God every penny from the sale of the land, but because they stood before the church and God as if they had.
How often do we stand together with one another on Sunday or in small group, as if things are GREAT … and we know they’re not.  Truth is … we’re a MESS!  One of the things we say at HCC is It’s Ok not to be Ok, Welcome Home.  
What garbage is piling up in our lives that no one knows?  Maybe this week can be Trash Collection?  Would you allow God to restore you this week?  Allow Him to not only forgive us and cleanse us, but to fill us with His Spirit w/ Courage and INTEGRITY.