SCRIPTURES:   Genesis 22:1-11

BOTTOM LINE:  We all have a Call; Journey; and Sacrifice.  Are we responding to God’s Call as our act of Worship?

QUESTION:  What is that 1 thing that honestly, we just don’t want to let go of and give to God? 

DOWNLOAD:    Have you ever known God was leading (calling) you to do something, and to be honest, it just seemed impossible?  Maybe the step of Faith to respond seemed like Indiana Jones taking that step across the cliffs, knowing he had God’s Word in his hand and God’s direction repeating from his lips … but ultimately, we have to step and trust.

Abraham had incredible faith in God, and at a very old age, God made Abraham a promise that thru him, all the world would be blessed.  This was a foreshadowing of Jesus and the Gospel … that thru Abraham and his descendents (which would ultimately be Jesus about 1,000 years later), not just all Jews … and not even just the Jews and Gentiles … ALL PEOPLE will hear the Gospel!  WOW … what a promist.

But Abraham then found himself living in this GAP … the GAP between the PRESENT and the FUTURE … and for 25 years, they waited.  He and Sarah decided to set up their own plan B even, having Abraham have a son w/ Hagar (Ishmael) … and many of us can relate.  Have you ever found yourself struggling, waiting on God to “do His part” so to speak … and we start to doubt and wonder?  I have!

Ultimately, Isaac is born, Ishamael is not happy … and so God calls Abraham to let go of Ishmael (Gen 21) and now there really is no Plan B.

APPLICATION:   In Genesis 22, we see 3 pieces of God now asking Abraham to sacrifice his future:  The Call, The Journey and The Sacrifice:

1.  The CALL:  22:1 … God calls Abraham by name … it’s a specific call for him (might be totally different for us) … and tells Abraham what to do.  Abraham responds, Here I Am Lord!  This is response is with excitement.  He was waiting on God to give him his next step of Faith.  Little did he know what it would be huh?

2.  The JOURNEY:  22:2-8 … Tons of details here … why?  I think to remind us that our WORSHIP of God is not just on the mountain top.  It’s in the JOURNEY too!  Abraham jumped right up the next morning and responded right away to God’s Call.  How many of us could learn from that?  We often want to wait, think it over, Pray about it … etc…   Abraham knew, and every detail and every aspect of that morning was a part of Abraham’s obdience and worship of God.

3.  The SACRIFICE:  22:9-11 … Abraham took the step of Faith, BEFORE God provided.  Isn’t that often how God works?  Abraham told the servants, Isaac and I are going to the mountain to worship.  WE will be back!

They were headed to worship … both of them!  Abraham willing to sacrifice his son if necessary.  Isaac willing to surrender his life if necessary!

And God provided!