SCRIPTURES:   Mark 6:17-20; Matthew 11:2-6, 11

BOTTOM LINE:  All Christians have had times when we feel like God is Inattentive, Uncooperative, and/or Late.  What do we do when we feel like God’s not paying attention to us?

QUESTION:  What do we do WHEN we feel like GOD is Inattentive, Uncooperative, and/or Late?

DOWNLOAD:    How Many of you would say there has been a time in your life where you felt like God was either Inattentive, Uncooperative, or Late? 

John the Baptist knew all about feeling like God/Jesus was inattentive.  He spent his life telling people that Jesus, the Messiah was coming.  He baptized Jesus and began pointing everyone away from himself and guided them to follow Jesus.

He preached and proclaimed repentance, and that included preaching against the King of Galilee and his wife.  That landed him in prison, and Jesus [John’s cousin] continued to do Miracles and amazing things, but did nothing for John.  Ultimately, John began to doubt his faith because of the lack of response, so he sent his friends to talk to Jesus.

Jesus told them to be his eyes and ears.  To tell John what they were seeing and what they were hearing, so that even though John’s world was confined to a prison cell, he could find Faith and Confidence in knowing what God was doing in the world.  Then he told them to tell John this:

Matthew 11:6 … “6 Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of me.”


ILLUSTRATION:  I’ll Pray for You but I’ll Doubt when it’s Me.

It’s so difficult to be in the midst of the storms isn’t it?  We are so willing to pray for someone else who’s going thru the difficult seasons of life, but when it’s our difficult season, we begin to doubt God and doubt our Faith don’t we?  For the record … you’re not alone!

Don’t make the mistake of letting our Faith things on what God has done for us lately.  John the Baptist … the cousin of Jesus … the guy who Jesus called the greatest man to have ever lived … the guy who spent his life telling people about the coming of Jesus … Jesus left him sitting in prison and tells him, oh by the way John, blessed are you if you don’t stumble away from me because of me.

And here’s my own version of Jesus’ advice here … We look back and we remember … we look outside our circumstances and we reflect … somehow we look outside of our own prison walls and we reflect on the Activity of God in the world.  We remember those times when God did come thru for us and/or others.  Because what’s happening right now in our lives does not discount the reality of past answered prayer … those times when we’ve seen God work in our marriage before … those times when we saw God answer specific prayers for our children … when people had been praying for us and that 1st time that God revealed Himself to us in a real and personal way for the 1st time, and it radically transformed our life … all those past experiences and that past interaction w/ God … it was real and it was true.

And we look outside of our current prison and we remember … and we take courage from the fact that God was real then … and He’s real now … and He’s just not expressing His reality the way that we want Him to right now.