SCRIPTURES:   Psalm 119:97-105

BOTTOM LINE:  If We Could See as God Sees, Would We Do as God Does?

QUESTION:  Why is it that we’ll stop ANY conversation we’re having [w/ someone in person] and check a TEXT message on our phone, but we fail to read the most important TEXT Message ever sent to us from God?


TEXT messages on our Phone and our TEXT message from God (the Bible) have a lot in common:

1) Both are very personal; 2) Both are very current or timely;  3) Both are from someone we know.

But what’s interesting is that when we’re talking to someone about a TEXT message, they never ask Did You READ My Text?  It’s always Did you GET my Text?  Isn’t it funny that when it comes to our TEXT message on the phone we assume you READ it, but when it comes to God’s TEXT message to us, so few of us READ it?

But if we’d paid attention to God’s TEXT message to us, things would probably be so different … but for whatever reason …

–       We don’t have time

–       We don’t like to Read

And here’s what’s crazy … especially as adults … we really owe it to ourselves to at least read it … and here’s what I think we’re going to discover … I think we’re going to be shocked by what is not in there … I mean we’re going to be like, Now, I’ve always grown up believing ______, where is that?  And it’s not even in there … and yet we’ve made decisions our entire life thinking God’s going Ken, that’s great!  And we really start reading this TEXT and we’re like … OMG … they left it out!

Where’s the part about God helps those who help themselves?  Or … Hate the Sin and Love the Sinner [Ghandi] … or Money is the Root of All evil [it’s the LOVE of money]… and we could go on … Cleanliness is next to Godliness [this is a Babylonian and Hebrew Proverb] … but there’s going to be all sorts of things that we thought were in the Bible, and when we read it for ourselves, we’ll discover it’s not even there.

And the Flip-Side is even better … there’s all kinds of stuff that’s in there that we didn’t know was in there … and let’s be real … if you’re going to get up on Sunday morning and come to CELEBRATION and sit in a row, sing some songs, put your kids in Kids CONNECTION … all thinking we’re going to get some kind of God thing … don’t we owe it to ourselves and read this TEXT message God sent to us.

It’s just not enough to listen to someone talk about it … and what’s so cool in our country is that most of us have such incredibly easy access to this TEXT message from God … it’s been preserved for these 100’s and 100’s of years and we’ve got all kinds of translations … There’s over 50 of them on our APP … there’s online Bibles … we can get it on our phone … we’re so spoiled … and yet we don’t READ IT!


When I Am Not Reading God’s Word Regularly:

1.  I tend to magnify the weaknesses of others and overlook my own.  

2.  I tend to evaluate all I see as if this is all there is. 
3.  I tend to close my hands on my possessions.
4.  I tend to hold onto my anger too long when I’m too far from God’s Word.