BOTTOM LINE:   Read Your Bible

QUESTION:  Pick a TIME; Pick a PLACE; Pick a PLAN!


Pick a TIME:  We know that the things that are most important to us … we typically have to schedule them, right?  We schedule the RELATIONSHIPS that are most important to us … we schedule FINANCIAL things that are most important to us [paying bills, sponsoring kids, savings, investments, etc…] … when something is really, really important to us … WE SCHEDULE IT!

So one of the most important things we can do is to schedule a TIME when we’re going to sit down alone w/ our bible and our Heavenly Father, and read His Word.  Not because God gives us any Brownie Points … and not because there’s some Supernatural Spiritual Thing about picking a TIME … but again, by making it a prioirity and setting aside TIME, it’s just more likely that it’s going to happen.


Pick a PLACE:  … and there doesn’t have to be anything special about the place other than that’s where go to consistently open God’s Word.  And that doesn’t mean we can’t read it somewhere else …

And we don’t get any sort of extra credit and there’s nothing magical about doing it this way … it’s just that through the years for me and in talking to so many people along the way … having a specific TIME and a specific PLACE is extraordinarily helpful when it comes to developing a routine and habit and a helpful way of opening God’s Word regularly.


Pick a PLAN:

21 Days thru the Life of Jesus

Sampling the Scriptures in 10 weeks

Read thru the Bible in a Year

The Book of Proverbs

Reading ’til Something Jumps Out



1.  Make It Personal.  

2.  Memorize It 

Every once in a while, I’ll get an email, or text or FB message and someone says, “Ken, that sermon Sunday was awesome!  I just wish I had heard it 5 years ago … or I wish someone would have shared it w/ me when I was a teen-ager … or before I got married … or before we got into so much debt … or had kids … whatever … and I’ll be honest, it’s always good to hear someone say they enjoyed the message … but it’s sort of like the Wizard of Oz


The whole movie is about Dorothy trying to get home right?  I mean the whole scarecrow and the lion …and Dorothy just wants to go back to Kansa … and it takes about 2 hours for the movie to get to the end … and do you remember Glenda, the good witch from the North?  She gets all the way to the end of the movie and says to Dorothy, Dorothy, this could have been a really short movie … you could have gone home as soon as you got here because you have on those [what] … ruby red slippers. 

The whole movie was really a total waste of our time because as soon as you killed the other witch and put on those slippers … you could have gone home.  You didn’t have to wait through all of this trauma and the flying monkeys … you didn’t have to wait.