SCRIPTURES:   John 9:1-3

BOTTOM LINE: In the Meantime … When we focus on what’s going WRONG, we often miss what God is doing RIGHT around us.

QUESTION: Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a struggle, adversity, challenge, and that was all you could focus on?  And yet, when we got thru the struggle, we look back, and we can see God was on Display in many, many places?


DOWNLOAD:   What do we do when there is nothing else we can do?

What we do when we discover life has taken a turn in for the worst? Things change and we find ourselves in a set of circumstances we didn’t want … we had never expected … we weren’t prepared for … and for some of us [as I shared a moment ago] … it’s a Forever deal … it’s Permanent … and not ever gonna get Better so to speak.

Might be a RELATIONAL thing … maybe it’s FINANCIAL  or PROFESSIONAL … maybe for you, the FAMILY that was once WHOLE is now BROKEN … and we’re looking around and wondering What do we do when there is nothing else we can do?

Maybe we got a call from the DOCTOR … or someone we love and care about got that call from the DOCTOR … or our CHILD seems to be developing slower than most other children we know and perhaps have raised … and it just seems like God is Absent to be honest.

And I hope we can discover today … as we look at this story and hear a pretty powerful testimony from one of my best friends I’ve invited to join me today is this … is we can start to see what happens when we shift the FOCUS … and how in our In the Meantime Seasons … it’s easy to be so exhausted … and so hurt … and so consumed that We Can’t See the Forest for the Trees so to speak … but often times … God’s Glory is on Display even thru this season




Were there some times where you or Kelly were trying to place BLAME? Questioning God and wanting to know who’s fault?

Were there some points along the way where you had some serious questions for God? Or as a man … and as the dad … you just started trying to fix things? Trying to make it all better … because God didn’t seem to hear you?

Were there times where you were just plain mad? Mad at God? Mad at the world? Maybe even some times where you would say you were just downright depressed?

  • Perhaps days it was difficult to go to work
  • Difficult to even get out of bed
  • Difficult to hold a job because of all the crazy demands?

Can you give us an example or 2 where even though it’s been hard and difficult … you’ve seen and experienced God on display? With a Doctor … or nurse … or family member … or w/ another family who has children w/ disability, etc….?

Was there a particular day or particular event that sort of sparked this change of FOCUS for you? Where you realized you had been seeing the PROBLEM and God just wanted to be on DISPLAY?

And How did this shape the way you view the boys and their diagnosis and it’s implecations?


Here’s what we know … When we FOCUS on what’s WRONG … we lose sight of what’s RIGHT

And it’s so … so easy when we’re in an In the Meantime season to be consumed w/ everything else isn’t it?

  • who’s to blame
  • was it him
  • was it her
  • how do I escape this or avoid this
  • how do I numb myself from the pain

And when we allow ourselves to let that stuff be the FOCUS … we lose sight of what God is doing in our midst … and often times we just feel like God needs to make this all RIGHT

And one of the most powerful things we can EVER experience in our lives is resting in His Presence … and allowing His Glory to be on Display … even in our In the Meantime seasons …


We no longer have to worry about:

  • Blaming someone?
  • Is God mad at me?
  • Is He punishing me?
  • Is our family cursed?
  • Is this gonna go on forever?

How would it change the way we view life if we were somehow able to shift our FOCUS to see God … What are You doing in this?