TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Revelation 8:1-5

BOTTOM LINE:   Movements of the Gospel are Unleashed by the Power of the Church Praying Together!

QUESTION:  When was the last time you experienced the unleashing of God’s Power in Prayer?



In my own Personal Prayer Times I’ve been like Ok God, what do we do?  And it’s almost like He’s been saying, Ok Ken … you asked!  Are you leaning into your own Power and your own Systems and your own Ideas & Strategies … or … are you guiding and leading My Church into drawing into Me and My Power and My Strategies and my Systems?

And God has just been creating this stirring in my heart … that as a Body of Christ … we become more and more and more a Body of PRAYER …

  • Corporately
  • Collectively
  • Together
  • … w/ passion and urgency of the Gospel in the lives of people who do not yet know God … and for the fullness of the Abundant Life for those we know who do know Him.

God has Sovereignly ordained the Corporate Praying of His People! … so that His Mighty workings increase exponentially … and His Purposes are accelerated when we Pray Together!

One NT Scholar wrote after he studied this incredible pattern and high priority The Early Church had when it came to Praying Together.  The Early Church didn’t have a Prayer Meeting. The Early Church WAS the Prayer Meeting! In fact, in the Early Church, every Christian was a Prayer Meeting Christian.

3 Movements of The Gospel Thru Prayer:

  1. Movement #1:The Seven-Sealed Scroll.
  2. Movement #2: The Silence in Heaven.
  3. Movement #3:The Supplication of the Saints.



What Revelation 8 shows us is that the PRAYERS of the Saints are the instrument God uses to usher in the end of the World.  Our PRAYERS change History in more ways perhaps that we even knew.

Not a single God-Exalting PRAYER has ever been in vain.  God so desires for us to know that.  None of our PRAYERS that are exalting Him and His Glory and His Mission in the World and our Lives is ever Lost or in Vein.  None of them are Wasted or Pointless … not a single one is Forgotten.


So … here’s the bottom line,  at least for us today, about PRAYER:

ONE:  We can’t Pray Enough!  Our PRAYERS are stored up on the Alter of God and made the Power for Great Divine Interventions in history.  Who knows what has been brought by our Prayers? Jesus makes it so plain in Luke 18:1 …We ought to always Pray and not lose heart.

TWO: Concerted Prayer is uniquely appointed by God in the accomplishing of His mighty works.  What I pray we really see here is that God has Sovereignly ordained the Corporate Praying of His Church, such that His mighty working increase exponentially and His purposes are accelerated when we Pray together!