TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: John 1:35-42; John 6:8-9; John 12:20-22

BOTTOM LINE:   Jesus had changed Andrew’s life in such a way that he couldn’t help but bring people to Jesus.  WOW!   

QUESTION:  How has Jesus’ presence in our life moved us to action?  What would it take for our reputation to be he/she is constantly brining people to Jesus?


Andrew was the FIRST apostle of Jesus.  The beginning of Andrew’s story in the Bible has him clearly following John the Baptist, but when John proclaims Jesus as the Lamb of GodAndrew immediately goes to spend the day w/ Jesus.

Following Pentecost, Andrew became a missionary like many of the other Apostles, and it’s our belief that when they finally executed Andrew for his Faith, they crucified him on a Crux Decussata … which was an “X” shaped cross.

In his life, Andrew hungered for the Truth, and the Truth of God literally changed his life in such a way that he just couldn’t get enough.  Initially he found that Truth as a disciple of John the Baptist, and then from Jesus Himself.  

And so maybe you are thinking, well sounds like things were all good for Andrew right? And in a lot of ways they were for sure, but here’s something interesting.  Even though Andrew was the 1st Apostle,  Andrew is NEVER mentioned FIRST!   In fact, he’s often listed 4th on the listing, indicating that he stayed pretty close to Jesus … but never the TOP GUY.

However, Andrew was so filled with Gratitude from the life of Jesus …

  1. He Introduced HIS BROTHER [Simon Peter] to Jesus.  Andrew’s Gratitude and Conviction were so powerful … he could only think of 1 thing to do … Peter’s gotta know!

    ANDREW … he spent his life living in his brother’s shadows … in fact, every time ANDREW is listed in the Bible, he’s also referred to as Simon Peter’s brother.

    ANDREW is the first disciple to follow Jesus, and yet he is NEVER mentioned 1st in a single list of the 12 disciples. And wherever there is a list … in that list, PETER is ALWAYS before ANDREW.

    PETER is always at the center of attention and in the LimeLight … but ANDREW’s encounter w/ Jesus birthed such a heart of Gratitude, even knowing he had a chance to be The Guy.  He was humble enough to know that Peter had some gifts that he didn’t have, and Peter had to know! Peter has to meet Jesus … the Messiah.

  2. Andrew Brings a YOUNG BOY to Meet Jesus.  What’s amazing about ANDREW … is that he wasn’t just a 1-hit wonder … this was his reputation throughout his ministry … he was a guy known for introducing people to Jesus
  3. Andrew Introduced the GREEKS to Jesus.



  1. The ANDREW’s Bring the PETER’s to Christ.

They are not those who get the praise and the publicity.  They aren’t the Stars so to speak … more like the Extra’s.  But for me at least, it’s really encouraging, because the ANDREW’s of the world are normal, every day folks.  And yet he’s always doing the same thing … bringing people to Jesus.

  1. We Remember the PETER’s, but We Forget the ANDREW’s.

The ANDREW’s don’t write incredible epistles that get included in The Bible.  They don’t often preach great sermons.   They don’t win 3,000 souls to Jesus w/ 1 message.  They aren’t the one’s gifted w/ performing Miracles.

But they bring the PETER’s who write the epistles.  They bring the PETER’s who preach the sermons, who win the 3,000, who perform the miracles, and we remember them don’t we?