TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Luke 7:36-50

BOTTOM LINE:  Gratitude is an Attitude that I control!   

QUESTION:  Will we seek Jesus out from a heart of Surrender and Repentance?


Thanksgiving is a powerful time of remembrance, w/ many families still finding time to pause and give thanks for God’s provision and blessings.

However, what a wonderful time for some people, is a discouraging time for many others.

No matter what position we start from, how do we discover an Attitude of Gratitude?

Scripture has a LOT to say about this idea of Gratitude … and Being Thankful … in fact …

  • Give Thanks is used 48 times in the Bible …
  • Thank God is used in 56 verses …
  • Thanksgiving in 30 verses …

And this idea of Thanksgiving and An Attitude of Gratitude, is so much more than a 1-Day event each year.  It’s an attribute that literally overflows into every area of our lives … every day.

Jesus had just finished what’s called The Sermon on the Mount, and Jesus and His Disciples and Apostles were on their way from Galilee to Capernaum.  On the way … they ran into the Centurion Servants where Jesus heals one of them.

They are now at Simon the Pharisee’s House, and she has come back to make an attempt to express her gratitude for the forgiveness of Jesus in her past.  She was grateful for the LOVE that Jesus had shown her, and we’re going to see the powerful effect this had on her personally.

… and that’s where we pick up this story from Luke 7


You see … we all need Jesus MUCH don’t we? For those of us who have exchanged our lives w/ the Life, Death & Resurrection of Jesus … we didn’t earn it … our resume wasn’t good enough.  It’s literally thru our Faith that Jesus was who He said He was and He did what He said He would do!

Jesus didn’t say that because she WEPT at my feet, her TEARS saved her.

Jesus didn’t say because she poured an expensive perfume on my feet, her SACRIFICE saved her.

Jesus said her FAITH saved her!

The Woman was moved to that place of worship by the depth of her GRATITUDE for who Jesus was and what that meant to her!

Sure, her circumstances were challenging.  What she brought to the table was difficult culturally, and I’m sure there would be days after that in her future that were extremely difficult.

But she was so grateful for the work of Jesus in her … that she …

  • … anticipated the continued work of Jesus
  • … and … she approached Him from a position of surrender and submission


As we think about being Thankful … and having an Attitude of Gratitude … remember:

  • … she searched Jesus out and went to Him
  • … she was repentant and fell at the feet of Jesus
  • … she gave Jesus the reverence His position deserves