TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: John 4:23;  Luke 2:13-14; Hebrews 13:15 

BOTTOM LINE: We all worship Something or Someone, because we were designed for Worship.

QUESTION:  How can you offer God the Gift of Worship this CHRISTmas?


I want to unpack together for the next few minutes, a part of the CHRISTmas story where we see the difference worship can make. And worship is a LOT of things … Praying, Giving, Reading/Meditating on God’s Word, Serving AND Music or Praise … but for many of us, singing and lifting our voices in Praise is no doubt a part of our worship of God isn’t it?

  1. We all worship Something or Someone, because God made us for WORSHIP.

All things were made for the Praise of God, including US.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:  worshipping anyone or anything else other than God ultimately proves less than satisfying.  Our hearts were made for God, and only God can satisfy them.

And don’t miss this … no matter our age … Older … younger … and in between … we all worship something or someone.

The CHRISTmas story is a call to worship God, but we also have to ask:

  • What do we worship?
  • Who do we worship?
  • … career … family … money … fame …

  1. Worship was the curious Gift of the Angels to Jesus at His birth.

Others in the story of Jesus’ birth also brought other gifts right?

THE MAGI brought Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh … all of which were definitely useful for the family’s expenses on their trip to Egypt.

THE SHEPHERDS brought the gift of their time & joyful beliefLuke 2:15-20 literally the Shepherds were there to celebrate w/ them and be the “family” that they did not have in that moment.

MARY gave the gift of her womb … a place of protection and nurture for Jesus.

THE ANGELS … they gave the unusual gift of worship.



Worship literally means to ascribe worth to someone or something. God is worthy of our worship!


So … how can we ascribe worth to God? How can we truly worship God?

  1. Worship God Verbally.
  1. Worship God in COMMUNITY.
  2. Worship God Demonstrably.

The INN KEEPER … because of the crowds … perhaps the time they arrived … who knows … but he turned away Mary & Joseph and missed out on the opportunity to witness the birth of the Savior of the World.

Truth is … many people are still turning Jesus away aren’t they?