TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Matthew 2:1-18

BOTTOM LINE: The Magi teach us that God will use ALL MEANS POSSIBLE to lead us to Jesus!

QUESTION: How has God used something in creation to get our attention?  How has God used His Word to nudge you towards Jesus?


DOWNLOAD:  We’re going to dive into the story from Matthew 2 today, and one of the things we’ll discover early on here is although The Magi and King Herod share the Same Chapter … they don’t share the Same Heart.

The Magi responded from a heart of Humility, and God used what they had seen and what they heard to lead them to Jesus.

King Herod responded from a position of insecurity and pride didn’t he? He was threatened by Jesus, and so he did whatever it took to destroy Jesus.

And one of the things I LOVE about God’s Word … is how often I read it … and am confronted w/ so many of the daily battles in my own life … and today, we’re going to see this battle of Humility [as we’ll see in the Magi] and Pride [as we see in Herod] … and the collective benefit or collateral damage of each.

  1. The MAGI Teach us That God Will Use All Means Possible to Get Us to Jesus.

God uses a variety of pieces to serve as a compass … leading the Magi to Jesus:

#1 … Nature … A Star …    

#2 … Scripture … His Written Word …

People see signs of God every day … Sunsets that are incredible … tears in the delivery room from the miracle of birth … you name it … but do all who see the signs draw near to God? NO …

Many are simply content simply to see the signs … they don’t realize that the riches of God are intended to turn us towards God!

The MAGI understood the purpose of the sign … and they followed the sign … The Star … and then they obeyed the Scriptures. When they found Jesus … they did the same thing the Angels did that we saw last week … they worshipped Him.


  1. Herod Teaches us that Not All Will Follow God’s Direction to the New King … Jesus!

Herod and his crew … they did not follow the star … or obey the Scriptures … honestly, they let their PRIDE get in the way [not that any of us would ever be guilty of that, right?].

Herod was threatened by the question … Where is the one born, ‘King of the Jews?’

And his Pride led him to manufacture this false-truth and put into motion this order of execution right?



Maybe for a moment, we could just pause … and close our eyes … and just reflect for a minute …

  1. How has God used something in creation to get our attention?
  • Maybe a beautiful mountain vista created an intimate experience w/ Him?
  • Maybe yours was a gorgeous ocean front experience that reminded you of the absolutely incredible creator of our God?
  • Maybe it was the miracle of life … and in the hospital like it was for me … to experience my sweet newborn little girl?
  • Maybe it was the miracle of healing … and no one thought that loved one would make it, and somehow … the doctors can’t explain it … but you know it was the Hand of God?

… Is there something that God has used to get your attention?


  1. How has God used His Word to nudge you towards Jesus?
  • Maybe it was a post on Facebook, and either something someone wrote about their experience, or an article or link they posted that you read?
  • Maybe it was something you heard on the Radio … or TV … or online … or at church?
  • Maybe it was a friend … you’re in a Bible Study together … or it was just something he/she shared in the break-room at the office … or someone shared w/ you during a time of need?


God is calling us, just as He was The Magi and just as He was to Herod.  How will we respond to His Call?

  • With Humility
  • Or … with Pride?

Jesus said I am gentle and humble of heart.  As we experience intimacy w/ God, the more humble and gentle we become.  It’s who He is … and therefore … it’s who We are Becoming!

For King Herod  the response of King Herod was PRIDE.  One way leads to Ruin … the other way leads to Jesus!