TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Mark 16:1-14

BOTTOM LINE: The Resurrection brings HOPE that we Could Not and Would Not have ANY other way!

QUESTION:  What is it in Life that gives you HOPE?



He Has Risen! AND … He’s Not Here!

With those words, the Angel of the Lord announced what I believe to be the Greatest Event in all of Human History.


3 things that provide us a HOPE as a result of the Truth that Jesus is indeed Alive:

  1. We Can Have HOPE FOR TODAY.



It’s going to be incredible!  There’s an appointed time for this next Resurrection, that we’ve been talking about all winter this year, where we will no longer face sickness in our Body.  We will never be of fear of death again … they’ll be no limitations which we face in this world.

Our bodies will be like the Body of Jesus when He came out of the Grave.  He enjoyed fellowship w/ His Disciples in person.   He let them reach out and touch Him so they could be assured of His Presence. He broke bread w/ them … it’s going to be UH-MAZING!

IF … EASTER … and the Resurrection was truly the Greatest Event in History … and we can have a HOPE for:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Eternity

We can begin to live w/ confidence that 1 day:

ONE:  We’re going to have a Re-Newed Body … instead of this Body that is prone to Sickness!

TWO:  We’re Gonna have a Re-Union w/ our Loved Ones.

We have HOPE for TODAY … for TOMORROW … and for the FUTURE.  Even w/ all our struggles, and w/ all our sin and junk in our life … the victory that God has purchased for our life still applies.  We don’t have the Live and Feel Defeated!

We can get back up and have a fresh start!

Jesus is our Risen HOPE, and we can look forward to God’s Presence in our lives w/ absolute certainty the moment we exchange our lives w/ His.