TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES:  Revelation 4, Revelation 21:9-27

BOTTOM LINE: Heaven is a time of Worship & Assurance for us what is MOST important!

QUESTION:  God is With Us!  But … is He with You?



Full disclosure here, and I know this sounds crazy … but this is really a Letter written for Full Understanding.

God’s desire is for us to be Blessed … not Confused… and Revelation literally means To Reveal… not to hide or confuse … so hopefully this can help.

I read a great statement this week … where it said … The world can be divided into 2 kinds of people:  Those who read the end of the book FIRST, and those who don’t.  Which one are you?

With all of the uncertainties in this life, the roller coaster of day-to-day living, I’m so, so grateful that we know how it’s all going to end … aren’t you?  We know that Some Day … we’re going to get off this roller coaster, and Go Home!

Revelation 4… God is saying … I understand your fear!   I know the enemy and I have a Plan to deal w/ them!

I know what we’re going to do to face the coming days and we will overcome this hardship and tragedy together.


It’s so interesting, because Preachers and Teachers who make a living telling people about the horrors of Revelation jump right into describing the Dangers & Challenges the future holds.  BUT NOT JESUS!!!!!

Jesus doesn’t jump into the pictures of the Future … instead … we find ourselves in God’s Throne Room witnessing an awesome Worship Service.

Why start here?


Because God KNEW exactly where we needed to Begin! We need to realize that when we read Revelation.  It’s possible for us to focus on the wrong things … if we’re not careful … we can get lost focusing on …

  • The Powers of Darkness
  • The Mark of the Beast
  • The Battle of Armageddon … and so on …


And they’re all there,  so I’m not saying they have zero importance.  But what happens if we’re not careful is we can find ourselves dwelling on the darker … scarier aspects of this vision … and miss what even Jesus throws out FIRST!!!!

This picture painted here of God’s Throne is so powerful.  Something powerful happens when we focus on God’s Throne; When we set our eyes … and our heart … and our soul on HIM who has the power to help us face and overcome our struggles … and our heartaches … something incredible happens.




Hopefully helps us understand a little more about the Throne Room we read about in Revelation 4, and some of what at first can appear as sort of a wild description of the Worship Experience in Heaven.

Chapter 21 is often linked together w/ Chapter 4 as well.  Chapter 4 gives this incredible portrait of The Throne Room, Chapter 21 paints this amazing picture, w/ unbelievable color and clarity of The New Jerusalem.

This is where Followers of Jesuswill spend eternity … contrary to what we often hear, the Pearly Gates and Streets paved w/ Gold are indeed in The New Jerusalem… but The New Jerusalemis not the Heaven where we go when we die … it’s the city and place that becomes our eternal dwelling place after the 1,000 year millennium is over … and The Great White Throne Judgment has been completed.


What an incredible place The New Jerusalem will be too …

  • no more Sea
  • no more tears … death … sorrow … crying … pain
  • no more broken people
  • no more sin or evil in the world
  • no more Fear
  • no more disease or injuries


Instead …

  • Unending Fellowship w/ God
  • Unimaginable Beauty
  • Uncompromised Security
  • Unbroken unity between Believers
  • Unlimited Holiness
  • Unending Light
  • Unrestricted Access to God


It will be a Place of …

  • Rest
  • Full Knowledge
  • Holiness
  • Joy
  • Glory
  • Worship


Not Everyone is presently experiencing God’s Presence Here … much less in the Eternity that is to come … remember … He is With Us!

The Question is … IS GOD WITH US?