TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Revelation 6:1-17

BOTTOM LINE:  Judgement is Coming!  Are you Ready?

QUESTION: Is God still Good & Gracious even when the Seals are opened and the Scriptures begin to unfold on earth?



Suffering isn’t new.  Suffering & Persecution as a Christian certainly isn’t new.  We see it all throughout Scripture, and we’re seeing it more and more today.

John’s Revelation informs us that it’s not only the price of Genuine Faith … but that it comes with an incorruptible reward too!

Making us feel afraid is definitely not John’s Intention … or Jesus’Intention to be honest!  Jesus didn’t give this to John, and to these churches, to frighten us!  He gave it to us to help us Keep our Balance to be honest!

He gives us this Word to fuel His HOPE within us, and I might even propose that if we find ourselves reading chapters 6-20 and we’re frightened, perhaps we didn’t dive into fully or correctly for sure.

Revelation 6 begins 3 Series of Judgments from God …

  • The 7 seals first.
  • Following that is the 7 Trumpets.
  • … and then the 7 Bowls.

Notice the use of the number 7, a number representing Perfection all throughout Scripture.  The underlying truth we’re going to see is this will be a Perfect Judgment, by a Perfect One

The Six SEALS.

  • SEAL 2: WAR



Who can Survive all that?   Ultimately,  what we know is that God is in Control right?  We have a HOPE knowing that every single thing that happens in this world … is not surprising to God.

We don’t have to try to hide from Him, and that even includes His Wrath and His Judgment.  They are both coming!


Truth is, there’s not a ton of good news here is there?  The weight of the Law of God will one day arrive, and it appears it will be day after day.  All of our Moralism & Judgmentalism and pointing fingers … and even breaking our own mirrors isn’t going to change this!

The Root Issueat stake in ALL of these things is whether or not we canSTILLbelieve in a Good & Gracious God?

This issue is not whether God is Good & Gracious… He is! He is Good!  God is Love!  God is Gracious!