TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Revelation 19:6-10

BOTTOM LINE: We are the Bride, and as we testify of Jesus, we are literally getting all dressed up for our Groom!

QUESTION: Are We Preparing Ourselves for the Wedding?



Studying God’s Word should not be like a Divided Highway … It should always be like An Intersection!

What we’ve seen is that even in this letter titled Revelation, which can be scary at times [or confusing at times], there’s some really powerful Intersection of this Word and our Lives together right?

What we’ve been seeing is that this Final Judgment is coming … like it or not … and Babylon the Great has already been defeated, just as God had done before Rome.   He eventually judged Rome as well.  One day, He will fully & finally judge all aspects of the Dominant World System as we know it.

She will Fall … never to Rise Again!



Hallelujah here in verse 6 is the 4thHallelujah in the 1st6 verses here in chapter 19.  Heaven is literally overflowing in Praise at this point.

As the Almighty God… our Heavenly Father will work out all things according to His Plan!

If the Lamb is a symbolic representation of Jesus [not just in Revelation… but all throughout the NT], then Who is His Bride?

The BRIDE is the Church.  She is a Redeemed Humanity, organized, not against God, but Under God!   Paul talks about this a ton in his letters … about the Bride of the Lamb.

The wedding is still to come … but remember … in the ancient world, there were 3 stages of a Wedding:

  1. Betrothal– like an engagement, only legally binding – we saw Joseph wrestling w/ this right?
  2. Collecting the Bride– after the dowry was paid, the groom and his friends would leave his home, usually at night, and go to the home of the bride, where the wedding ceremony would take place [Matthew 25].
  3. The Wedding / Feast– The wedding party then returns to the Groom’s Home for a Wedding Feast!



Here we discover the 4thof the 7 Blessings we find throughout this Letter of Revelation.  What is interesting about this Blessing is that it not only points us again to the Blessedness of the Church, and our Future Wedding,  but it does so by describing us as the Wedding Guests!



FIRST of all, most of us are astounded that John [an apostle of Jesus]  seems to forget the boundaries of true worship [amazingly, he does this a 2ndtime in chapter 22].

SECONDLY, it seems a little disconnected from the stirring Portrait of the Wedding in the previous verses … almost seems a little out of place … but I think they’re actually connected.



When we think about the significance of this scene, we’ve mainly been on a divided Highway.  However, I’m convinced God wants to begin searching for an intersection in our lives!

Preparations for that incomparable heavenly wedding don’t include …

  • Ordering Flowers
  • Creating a Seating Chart
  • Picking out Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Worrying about the Honeymoon

It’s not any of these things.  Preparations for this wedding are made as the Bride of Jesus endures the enemies of Jesus!  In a crazy way … through the astounding power of God … it’s almost like He has used and is still using the Harlot to ready and prepare His Bride.


When we live and Givelike Jesus … instead of just Taking… like so much of the world … we’re putting on our wedding dress … when we Forgive… instead of staying Bitter… we’re preparing ourselves for our Big Day!  When we’re Used by Godto Bless Others… instead of Trying to use Others For Our Benefit[like the Harlot] … we are living In-Christ … we are living as The Church … and we are getting all prettied up for our Heavenly Husband!

When we Celebrate Jesusas opposed to the Vain Things of the World… we’re making ourselves ready!