TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Revelation 5





This Letter is written in an entirely different literary style than the rest of the Bible, w/ the exception of parts of the OT Letter Daniel.   It’s an Apocalyptic Literature… which includes elements like:

  • Forecasts of future spiritual turmoil
  • Mythical images at times
  • Rich in Symbolism
  • Long cycles of Discourse


We can’t mistake the Symbolism for Uncertainty, as if the meaning of what’s being said is Up for Grabs.   John uses symbols to communicate his vision of Heaven and the exalted Jesus, a vision that is inexpressible in our Human Language.

Why THIS Lamb is Worthy?

ONE:  The Lamb is Worthy Because of His SOVEREIGNTY.

John is weeping because it seemed at this point that no one could be found who was WORTHY to open this mighty Scroll.  In Ancient Times, a legal document was often sealed w/ a Sealing Wa, attached to the 7 threads wrapped around it, to make sure no one could open it until it was Officially Opened.

TWO:  The Lamb is Worthy Because of His SINLESSNESS.

The Elder tells John that the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David has triumphed … not only did Jesus triumph to open the Scroll, He triumphed over Sin too!

Jesus was a Sinless Sacrifice sent by God to be our Redeemer.  If He hadn’t been Sinless, He wouldn’t have been the Messiah.  If He hadn’t been the Messiah, He would NOT have been Worthy to open the Seal here.

THREE:  The Lamb is Worthy Because of His SUBMISSION.

John gets this picture of Christ as a Lamb that had been slain.  This Holy Lamb of God was a Willing Sacrifice for our Sin.

This Submissive Lamb came into a world that would Hate … Reject .. .and Crucify Him.  God placed His Only Son on that Cross in my place,  so that I could be set free.  The Lamb of God was slain so that we might Live!

FOUR:  The Lamb is Worthy Because of His SACRIFICE.

That Lamb that was Slain … was Slain for US!

When we see Jesus in Heaven,  we will see the marks of His suffering in His Body for all of eternity.  Jesus will bear the wounds of the Cross as a Constant reminder of what He did for us.

FIVE:  The Lamb is Worthy Because of His SUCCESS.

The Heavenly Choir sang a New Song… Thou are worthy to take the book … and to open the Seals …

  • You were Slain …
  • You redeemed us to God by Your very own blood …
  • And You did so for every tongue and tribe and people …



Satan thought he had defeated Jesus … when Jesus died on the Cross!

He must have celebrated as the broken … bleeding … Body of Jesus was removed from that Cross and placed in that borrowed tomb.  For 3 days, the demons and devils of Hell must have danced for Joy as they celebrated what they thought was Satan’s victory over Christ!

What Satan thought was his greatest victory … was in fact his greatest defeat!   On that 3rdday, Jesus rose from the Tomb … to live forever more.

And because of the Success of the Lamb … we have HOPE and Eternal Life!

  1. The Lamb is Worthy because of His Sovereignty!
  2. The Lamb is Worthy because of His Sinlessness.
  3. He’s Worthy because He was Submission.
  4. He’s Worthy because He was Sacrifice.
  5. He’s Worthy because He was Success.


Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain!!!!!!